Old offices and new intern

Right, temporarily living in Glasgow…sort of.

Let me start with what happened last Thursday morning.

Giles came storming into the office because he found out that the Intern was doing all her hours for the week over two days, and he told her it wasn’t acceptable. (She usually works Monday and Tuesday, but changed to Thursday and Friday this week, but he thought she was still working every morning.)

Then in front if everyone he bollocked her saying that he’s gone out of his way to give her this opportunity, and she needs to take it seriously, and that ‘in the real world you can’t just choose your schedule.’ He then says, ‘if you were working at Tescos you couldn’t choose the days you work.’

What the hell! When has he ever worked in the ‘real world’, how is this office not the ‘real world’, and how does Giles know what happens at Tescos? I would also assume that, as there’s a Tescos in most towns, she wouldn’t have to travel for two hours a day to get to work, and they wouldn’t ask her to work during times she should be in class.

Then he says, ‘This may be an unpaid position, but I expect you to take it seriously.’

The Intern and I looked at each other. Shit, he didn’t realise she was getting paid. Granted payment was hardly anything and when she was travelling everyday it didn’t cover her costs. But, shit, if he’s mad she’s not working like a slave for free, he’ll hit the roof when he discovers that she’s paid.

Giles then told her that she had to go back to her everyday schedule or leave. I was so surprised when she agreed to go back to the everyday schedule. I pulled her aside and told her that she didn’t need to stay. That I would give her a reference and help her find a better internship somewhere else. But she said she had to stay. It would embarrass her mother too much (her mum is Giles cleaner), after all Giles has done for her: school fees, helped her get into Uni, and now this.

I told her ‘you owe him nothing’. She said that she’s feeling too guilty to leave.

I then pulled Giles aside, we went into RobotPA’s cupboard to talk, because I was hoping she’d back me up – anyone with a heart would. I told Giles that the Intern had been busting her butt, making her travel that far everyday is unfair, and that she’s the only one who knows how to use that blasted database so we can’t lose her. RobotPA backed me up in no way. Actually, she didn’t say a word, she just stared straight ahead like she was powering down.

Then Giles told me that I had to have a ‘strong hand’ or else ‘people like her will walk all over you.’ Then he says, ‘I’ve given her the world and she gives me nothing in return, when all I ask for is loyalty.’

That’s when it dawned on me. She’s rejected his advances and this is his retribution.

I told him that I was sorry he felt that way and left the cupboard. Once Giles left the office, I pulled the Intern aside and asked if Giles had come on to her recently. She said ‘no more than usual’ but she’s been seeing someone, and he met Giles. When the two met, the new boyfriend said he found Giles creepy.

So, I believe Giles met the new beau and saw that as a rebuke and is now getting revenge.

The Intern said it wouldn’t be so bad if the internship were in Glasgow or Edinburgh, as travel wouldn’t be a problem. And that’s when I had an idea. MNM. All of the crazies from MNM are gone, and the new crew are amazing, I have a few clients that are published through them. In fact, I had a meeting scheduled with them the next day (Friday), and perhaps the Intern should ride along.

I’ll leave chronological order for a minute and jump ahead to the Friday.

The Intern met me in Glasgow and we met with MNMs Commissioning Editor for non-fiction, regarding a history book on the influence of women in Scotland’s independence movement. Despite being a history book and the recent Referendum only being in the last few chapters, MNM has concerns that it will still be irrelevant by the time it’s published.

This is when the Intern spoke up. She said she thought the book could actually end with the Referendum, ignore any post referendum debate. Then publish the later chapters live online as the debates develop, then publish those blog posts separately — like a collection — at a later date. In fact, this isn’t the end of the Referendum debate, so if we polish those articles as they go up — and have the author write other bits that don’t go online – we can publish the second book at a moments notice if and when there’s a call for another independence vote.


MNM thought it was brilliant to, so we’re taking it back to the author.

I then slipped in that the Intern’s placement was coming to an end, and much to my chagrin we couldn’t keep her.

The editor, without hesitation, said ‘We’ve got a junior post open, but it’s only part time.’

I then jumped into negotiation mode and secured the Intern a better wage and flexible hours to fit around her studies. Yes. I should have discussed it with the intern first, but I couldn’t help it.

As we walked out of the office with a January start date on the calendar (giving her time to get through exams and the holidays), but an invitation to the office Christmas party so she could meet everyone, she murmured ‘Giles is going to kill me, and he’ll probably make mum’s life miserable.’

I said, ‘Let me take care of Giles.’

Right, I don’t have time to talk about how I’ve ended up in Glasgow. I’m meeting Sarah, and I’m to watch the kiddos while she does a bit of Christmas shopping. Will fill you in on the rest later.

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