London and Paris have been set free

When I finally went into the office today no one was there except MacDraggyFeet. Even RobotPA was away. Although, I didn’t discover she was gone until nearly 3pm when MacDraggyFeet went into RobotPAs cupboard looking for paper, found it locked, started banging on the door, and eventually gave up and wandered off.

I figure if RobotPA were there she would have answered, and I can’t believe MacDraggyFeet still hasn’t sussed that that is not actually a cupboard any longer but RobotPA’s ‘office’. Then again, I’m still not sure how MacDraggyFeet gets to work everyday. She’s so out of it. She’s like one of those 1960s oldies who never came down from a trippy Woodstock high.

Anyway, everyone was gone and I regretted even coming into the office. Then again, what else was I going to do today? Stay home and wallow in the fact that I’m a horrible person who complains a lot. I’ve been thinking about it, so what if I complain a lot? Everyone complains. We bitch, we moan, we whinge. It’s what makes us normal. Most people aren’t like HP, too afraid of expressing an emotion as it might make someone uncomfortable. I don’t know. Then again, maybe I do complain too much.

In fact, this blog is case in point. I started typing because I got wonderful news today, and office idiocy got me side-tracked. I should have opened with the good news.

So, I got a call from London today, and Giles settled out of court. ‘Settled’ is probably the wrong word. Lawyers involved agreed that the contract for the sale of the Agency is separate from any work contract, and that he could not demand repayment of the sale money once the sale was finalised. And as London and Paris never signed a separate employment contract, they don’t owe Giles shit.

London asked, once again, if I would jump Giles’ ship and come work for her and Paris. Both London and Paris are a older and quite settled, and they don’t enjoy the travel aspect of work. Whereas, I kind of do. London and Paris have set up a hybrid publishing company, and my role would be to maintain and work with clients, distributors, festivals, and stuff outside of London and Paris. In other words, my territory would be the world. So, yeah, how could I not love that? However, the downside is that there won’t be a steady pay cheque for a while.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot to think about. I’ve got to look at my employment contract with Giles and see what it says, but it’s absolutely wonderful to know that it’s separate from the sale. I’ll have to think about whether or not I can handle not having a steady pay cheque. And, since HP didn’t cheat on me, and our biggest problem is that I’m a bit of a whinge, maybe I don’t want a job with travel. Maybe I should stay with Giles, prove my worth, and spend the time working on my relationship with HP.

But, a lot to mull over. And I’m going to try and be positive when I mull. Although, that does seem very against the grain.


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