Waiting to be positive

After spending the day working through things internally, I have decided that I need to show HP that things can be like they used to. That we can have a great time together, no drama, no complaints. Just silly chats, funny voices and positivity.

In fact, the call from London was great news. No reason I couldn’t continue to live in Dundee, with HP, and work with London and Paris. I know travelling would make it harder for HP and I to work on our relationship, but then again maybe it would be good if I wasn’t around so much. I moved out for one week, and he actually opens up. Granted, he was in the car and I confronted him, but still. But maybe what we need is less time together, but the time we do spend together is ‘quality’ time (and other phrases Americans and daytime talk shows use).

Anyway, came home with a plan to wow HP with my fun and positivity but he wasn’t in, and he still hasn’t come home. So, guess my new chipper attitude is going to have to wait.


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