Impromptu plans

Spent last night with Katie watching bad films, that weren’t supposed to be bad but just were. For example: ‘Sharknado’ is supposed to be bad, ‘Hansel and Gretel’ is not supposed to be bad, it just is.

HP came home quite late and went straight to bed without saying a word, so I was quite surprised when, this morning when we crossed paths in the kitchen, he asked me what I was getting up to today.

For some reason I said, ‘Going to St Andrews for St Andrews Day.’ I have no idea why I said that as I had absolutely no plans to go to St Andrews and the thought hadn’t even occurred to me until it came out my mouth.

We stood and stared at each other for a bit, and me — the one who can’t stand to not fill an uncomfortable silence — asked him if he wanted to come along.

Much to my surprise he said, ‘okay’. Now I’m waiting for him to get out of the shower so I can go to St Andrews with my sort-of but hoping not-really ex boyfriend. And I’ve got to stay fun and upbeat and neutral, and not at all spend the day wondering what this means for our relationship or where this is going.

Yeah. Fun and positive.

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