When infatuation goes too far…and other work gossip

Just MacDraggyFeet and myself are in the office today, so I feel okay blogging for a bit.

Yesterday in St Andrews was a really good. Confusing, but good.

The ride into town was quite awkward and it wasn’t until we could see the spire of Sally’s that HP asked what I had planned on doing in St Andrews. I had no idea. I figured that there had to be some sort of St Andrews Day ‘thing’ going on, but I hadn’t even thought to look it up in advance.

It was a gorgeous day. Crisp but clear, and so I suggested that we part on the West Sands and walk into town along the beach. As soon as I said this I realised it sounded kind of ‘romantic’, and I didn’t know how he’d react to this, so I said, ‘But if you want to go into town you can, you can just drop me off…’

I was regretting saying that too. I just didn’t know what was the right thing to say. If any thing at all.

He said that walking the beach sounded nice, so we parked quite a ways down the West Sands, took off our shoes and walked into town.

For those of you that have never been to St Andrews, the West Sands is a very wide and long beach. HP walked along the shore and I walked along the middle, and we were still 50 feet apart, but in a weird way I felt like we were together, even though someone else would have thought we were strangers.

We converged at the end and compared pebbles and sea glass we both collected, shoved them into our pockets and headed up to the town centre.


I am having to interrupt my very important soulful story about HP and I’s trip to St Andrews to bring absolutely hilarious bit of work gossip to the front.

The Intern came in this afternoon (I told her she could just work this afternoon as she had other stuff on this morning) and tomorrow is her last day. I am actually going to miss her.

Anyway, so you know how the Intern’s mum is Giles’ cleaner, and Patch is Giles’ wife’s cousin or nephew or something? Well last Friday Patch  went over to Giles’ house to resign because BigEyes had been stalking him and he wasn’t comfortable in the office. The Intern’s mum heard the whole conversation.

All those little presents and flowers were from BigEyes.

All those times she coincidentally ran into him in Edinburgh were on purpose. Her daughter doesn’t live in his neighbourhood, she was following him.

It all came to a head when Patch came home late on Thursday night (hit the boozer before coming home, oh yeah, he’s such a good Dad) and BigEyes was in the lounge and his wife was in the bedroom in tears cutting holes in his golf clothes.

Evidently, BigEyes took Patches flirtatious advances a little too seriously, got it into her head that they were on their way to a romantic wonderful life together, and all that stood in their way was the wife (aka the Boss). So, BigEyes follows Patch home that evening, sees he stops at a pub, and uses this as her opportunity to confront the wife, inform her of the impending ‘love affair’, and tell the wife that she may as well leave now, because a fuss wouldn’t be good for the kids. As for the children, oh just leave those behind, because BigEyes would be happy to take over the maternal role.

Now, I would have expected the wife to call the men with nets on BigEyes. But, no, she believed BigEyes because Patch has had affairs in the past, and this isn’t the first woman to show up at her door making a claim on her husband. So, even though BigEyes totally got the wrong idea about Patch’s little advances, there’s already a history of infidelity.

Patch tried to explain to the wife, and she wasn’t having it, said that Patch always had a thing for women that ‘looked like Thatcher’ and kicked him out. Patch has since filed a complaint with the police against BigEyes who now can’t be in the same building as him. And he’s in the process of begging his wife to take him back.

The Intern’s mum said that Giles talked Patch out of resigning, told him how important it was to have a ‘MAN of his caliber on the team’ and how the Agency couldn’t survive without him. Since filing the complaint with the police about BigEyes, the wife has taken Patch back, but he’s on thin ice.


Another writing interruption, because Patch has now shown up for work, so I can’t type much. He’s already shredded three pieces of miniscule bits of paper while contorting his body to look at my computer screen.

And, I got a call from Giles letting me know that BigEyes wouldn’t be returning, could I give a temp agency a ring for a replacement. Someone who can do a bit of HR and admin. And, he adds, ‘I’d like to get in a bloke, I feel that men are better at thinking with their heads. I know it’ll be hard to find a man that’s willing to do admin, so feel free to double the rate.’

What a fucking shit. If things weren’t going so well with HP, I would walk out this door right now. I think I’d like to stay in Dundee and give it a shot with him. Maybe I will leave anyway. I need to look at my contract.

Right. Will finish blogging later and complete my ‘A Day in St Andrews with HP’ story. In the meantime, I need to look to see if I can leave this shit hole of a job. And, if I can, can I stay living in Dundee while working for London and Paris?

2 responses to “When infatuation goes too far…and other work gossip

  1. It sounds like Patch totally deserved it! And your boss is such an arse, I’m surprised he can get away with that sort of sexism. In fact – can he? Doesn’t it violate equality laws to offer different rates of pay for the same job on gender now? Or to prefer a man for the job. If you could get proof, you could report him! That would be fun 🙂

    • You’d be surprised how many women I speak with are talked to like this by their male bosses. I had a friend who said her boss always told her ‘good girl’ when she did something. He eventually was edged out, and she now runs the company. I’m feeling more and more like this will work out in my favour. Due to talk to London and Paris tonight. Thanks for all your support!

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