Should I set myself free?

London called early this morning saying that Giles has not only now decided to let them out of their non-existent employment contract, he’s paying them the rest of the money owed for the sale of the Agency. She thinks he’s too worried that if it goes to court he’ll owe even more, which is likely as London and Paris are taking him to court in England and in France. London then asked again if I wanted to come work with them. I said I’d chat to her about it tonight.

I’ve had a look at my employment contract and it’s incredibly vague, which I think was done on to keep me out of a proper Agent role. It does refer to the sale, but in that it states that the role I had with the company previous to the sale is voided. I also only have to give a week’s notice to leave, although it is reciprocal. Giles can get rid of me with a week’s notice.

But, does an out of court settlement set a precedent? If I leave, does he have to pay me the rest owed for the Agency? Does he owe me the rest minus the amount I’ve been paid in wages? Or, will I need to take him to court to get the rest out of him.

At the very best, it means I can leave without him asking for the sale money back, which is what he has been claiming. Whether or not he owes me more is a different matter.

I should really talk to a solicitor. Maybe I’ll see if I can get in touch with Citizen’s Advice or something.

Anyway, he was in the office today and it was obvious why. It was to remind me of my servitude to him. Clearly he’s getting nervous. He walked into the office, came straight to my desk and said, ‘You do realise that if you leave, you have to give me back all that money I’ve given you.’

Given me? As if it was out of the goodness of his heart. He bought my company (well, part of a company I owned).

Then he adds, ‘Not a lot of people would have supported you like this. Made sure you have a job and you are able to survive.’

I knew exactly what he was up to, and if he thought I didn’t talk to London and Paris, he’s a fool. But, I played along. Don’t want to give away my hand until I decide what to do.

‘You do realise my son wants to open a restaurant, and I can’t afford to help him out, because of the money I’ve kindly given to you and your friends.’

Oh, my, god. He thinks he’s giving me an allowance, not bought my business and then employed me to do a job. He. Is. A. Fool.

The Intern and I gave each other sidewards glances. It’s her last day, and we’re cutting out of here early for drinks.

Oh, by the way, I did phone the temp agency, and I didn’t ask for a man. Happy to say they sent us a woman. This one is in her early twenties, and I would guess she graduated in the summer and is looking for some work. She seems a bit deer-in-a-headlight-ish, but capable. Oh, you could see the anger on Giles’ face when he came in and found another woman on the team.

Also Patch has not learned his lesson. Newby (as she will now be named) settles in and the first thing that happens is Patch starts the ‘poor me, I’m a martyr’ card. However, the problem was that he couldn’t just jump into being a martyr with someone he doesn’t know. He needed to work his way into it gradually, and he thought he could do it by bringing me into his drama.

‘Hey, Lit2. You’ll like this.’

I didn’t respond.

‘Hey, Lit2.’

I didn’t respond.

‘Who’s Lit2?’ asked Newby.

‘I have no idea,’ I said. The Intern giggled and I went back to my work.

Finally Patch said my name, so I turned.

‘Yeah, you’ll like this. So, the Boss. Last night we had a few people over and set out a table with cakes and mince pies. Really just a gathering for the kids and a chance to the parents to catch-up. I like to be a good host and provide for my guests. Quite festive right.’

I nodded. I had no idea, nor interest, in where this was going.

‘I was just about to take a bite out of a lovely mince pie when she pulled it out of my hand, and gave me an apple.’

Newby, not knowing his usual schtick, took his bait. ‘That’s horrible. Why did she do that?’

‘She’s got me on this diet you see. I’m not allowed more than 1500 calories a day, and she’s counting. Her moto is “Christmas is not an excuse to get fat.” I guess she’s right. And, she’s the boss.’ Then he laughed his little martyr laugh.

‘I can’t believe that. If my boyfriend told me I couldn’t eat a mince pie, I’d be livid,’ Newby said.

‘I think it’s different with us men. You have to keep on top of us. I’m a Dad and a Husband. I need to be kept in line,’ annoying little laugh. ‘She took that apple away after one bite though. Said I was eating it too loudly,’ he said with a head hung slightly lower.

‘That’s the biggest load of shit I’ve ever heard. If she is actually talking to you like that you need to see a counselor,’ and Newby went back to her work.

Maybe she’s not as deer-in-a-headlight-ish as I thought.

PS-RobotPA wasn’t in again today. Hmmm. I wonder if she’s come to her consultant decision, or if she’s just powered down and never got turned back on again.

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