Pronoun confusion and other legal stuff

Where did I leave off? Oh yeah, the Intern texted me and asked me to caller her. I went into my room and called her straight away.

The Intern’s mum told her that Giles doesn’t own the Agency, and evidently this is common knowledge. (Common knowledge to everyone but me.) His brother actually owns the agency.

Remember how I mentioned (did I mention this?) that Giles’ name wasn’t Giles because the name on the contract has a different first name. Well, I thought ‘Giles’ was some sort of posh school boy nickname. You know how they all have like six names but go by ‘Dickie’ or something ridiculous. Yeah, I thought that was the case with Giles. Well, it isn’t. Or, actually, it could be. Maybe Giles’ name isn’t Giles’, but that’s not important as his brother owns the Agency and it’s why there’s a different name on the contract. And it’s why there was a second person at the contract signing that looked just like Giles. (Then again all posh old men look alike to me.)

The Intern had been casually telling her mum about my predicament, and how Paris and London got out of working for Giles, when her mum casually said that Giles was just the Director or something. He wasn’t the owner. Giles has had so many businesses go into liquidation — owing vendors hundreds of thousands of pounds — so many times he’s not allowed to own a business for a while. His wife has lots of family money and personal investments, so she keeps the household in the style to which they are accustomed, and – according to the Intern’s mum – Giles plays around throwing away his inheritance on various schemes. In fact, the wife is supposedly the shrewd one with the finances, and she gives Giles an allowance and doesn’t let him any where near the household/family income. If he wants to buy and destroy a business he has to go begging to his brothers, father (who I can’t believe is still alive) and friends.

Anyway, Giles has this habit of buying business that are doing well (mostly in the arts and culture sector) thinking that he can push even bigger profits out of them, but he’d just runs them into the ground instead. After his last bankruptcy he thought he could do this with the Agency, so he talked the brother (who will now be called Dickie) into buying it, paying Giles a Director salary, and promised Dickie that in a short period of time it will be well worth all the money sunk into it.

The Intern’s mum also said that Dickie is some sort of high muckety-muck in banking and can afford to lose money, so he just did this to keep his brother out of his hair.

Yep, this explains everything…almost.

If Dickie owns the company, why were London and Paris suing Giles.

It was getting late when I got off the phone with the Intern. I desperately wanted to call London or Paris to ask, but they would have rung my neck for ringing after the kids’ bedtimes. (Did I mention that Paris now has a step daughter? Maybe I did mention it? I can’t remember.)

Plus, I was getting sleepy, so I crawled in bed with a plan to call them in the morning.

On route to work, I rang London who explained it all. She said, she never claimed she was suing Giles. (In fact, I don’t think suing is the right word, maybe it is. For someone who reads literary contracts all day, I’m absolutely rubbish a legal shit.)

I was totally confused. She said that she definitely never said that they were suing Giles, because they always knew Giles was just a Director and his brother actually owned the company. Why did no one tell me this? Oh, yeah, because they assumed I knew. But, how on Earth did I miss this discussion? I know I was super busy when the negotiations to the sale happened, but would have remembered that. I think?)

Anyway, it was Giles who made all the annoying decisions London and Paris didn’t want to abide in, but it was Dickie who allowed Giles to make and implement those decisions. If Giles’ brother wanted to stop it, he could have done so. So, they sued (or whatever you call it) Dickie or they sued the company, actually.

This is where it gets even more complicated. Dickie set up a Limited Liability Partnership in which he’s not personally liable for the company’s debits, unless it can be proved that he has done something immoral or illegal. This was London and Paris’ hook. Dickie was knowingly encouraging the company to screw us over. Going to court would have been a hassle, so Dickie paid out the rest of the sale money.

And it gets better, to set up a Partnership, there has to be at least one other person in the Partnership. And guess who that is. Patch’s father (Giles’s wife’s brother).

So there we go. All explained.

Almost. Why did I think that London and Paris were suing Giles? I looked back at the texts from London and most of them just used the pronoun ‘he’. Or they mentioned Giles by name because he was the one trying to enforce the changes in the original agreement, but they never said they were suing him specifically.

What this all proves is that you should be careful with pronouns.

Oh, and it also means that I have a lot to think about. This whole Partnership thing may or may not change my ability to stay in the job. I’m feeling quite confident walking out on Giles, but I don’t know Dickie. And, I really want to work on HP and I.

But, I’ve given myself a deadline. I’m going to make a decision by the end of the weekend. If I could only go to London and stay in the relationship with HP. Perhaps I just need to talk to him about that. Yeah, I know. Talking, how novel.

Right, I’d better go. RobotPA is eying me again.

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