The meeting I didn’t expect

It is cold. Like fucking freezing. Why didn’t I take that job with Betsy in Italy? Oh my god, why do I live in Scotland?

Right, besides me freezing my arse off, quite a lot has happened since yesterday.

I had my meeting with Dickie and RobotPA yesterday. It was these really spanky offices in the city centre that I didn’t even know existed. They looked out across the Tay and were quite plush. The name on the door was not one that I recognised, and when I arrived I shyly asked the Receptionist what kind of business it was. She said something about oil and gas law and finance. I had no idea. I then asked what Dickie’s role in the company was, and to be honest, it sounds made up. Like Chief Controller of Multiflorous Data and Systematic Pilcrows. Okay, it clearly wasn’t that, but it was Chief something I’ve never heard of.

While I waited in the lobby I Googled the company, and it has offices all over the world, which meant I was about to get fired by the big-boys. But I was ready.

Okay, that makes me sound tough, and I think we all know I’m not. It’s just easy to be calm when you’re about to get fired from a job you don’t give a shit about. What I did care about was working things out with HP. I was thinking that maybe I could negotiate with London and Paris to work from Dundee some of the time. Maybe I could make pit stops in London between travelling. I know it would be hectic, but I love hectic. I think part of the reason I hate working for Giles isn’t just because he’s a misogynistic shit, and he hires his pathetic offspring, but because I’m bored. I don’t feel like I’m really supporting clients, and I’m discovering new voices, I’m not making deals for talented authors. What am I doing? Not much really. Pushing a bit of paper work around, keeping the authors going we have, and…well…nothing. I’m bored feckless.

Eventually I was called into the board room, and there sat Dickie and RobotPA. I was told immediately the other partner was on conference. (Patch’s dad, I think?)

The meeting started with a lot of ridiculous business speak about publishing being a business that must evolve or die (yeah, duh, that’s a discussion from like five years ago), and mission statements, and projections, and models, and all kinds of other stuff. I started drifting off because what he was telling me was a mixture of stuff I already knew, bullshit, and gobbledy-gook speak that made no sense.

So, when he said, ‘What do you think?’ I wasn’t prepared to answer because I wasn’t listening.

I had to be honest, so I just said, ‘Can you clarify what you’ve just said? Just for context?’

I really don’t know what ‘just for context’ means, but I’ve heard Giles say it before, so I figured it was probably a good term for this bunch.

Suddenly the chap on the conference call spoke up, and it startled me a bit as I had completely forgotten he was there.

‘This decision is based on RobotPA’s observations. We’ve brought her in to observe, monitor, and then advise on the management structure of our newest holdings, and she strongly feels that you’d be best suited in this other role. So, we’re hoping you can transition…’

‘Other role?’ I cut him off. I’d evidently missed something.

‘As I was saying,’ Dickie stated, ‘We feel that with your experience, youth, and knowledge of the industry you’d be well placed to not only lead the team, but direct this agency as it develops an ever-evolving remit yet a stable brand.’

I was massively confused. Was I not getting fired? But, all I could manage was ‘Huh?’

‘Yes, we’ve observed your work with us, and researched into your background, and we’re quite impressed with all that you have done in such a short period of time. RobotPA specifically feels that your ability to catch the zeitgeist of the sector is a exactly what we need to go forward,’ said Dickie.

‘I’ve suggested that you take on the role of Director. You’ll manage the current staff…’ said RobotPA before the conference call partner spoke up.

‘We’d like you to keep on the current staff, but feel free to re-jig their role into ones you feel would best suit their strengths.’

Then Dickie added, ‘We’d like you hire two new agents as well. Preferably individuals who are young, but not necessarily new to the sector. Hire them young and train them up.’

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This couldn’t be true. After all the shit, how was I getting this lucky? The words were swimming about my head. I couldn’t concentrate. ‘What about Giles?’ stumbled out of my mouth without me realising it.

‘He’s being moved into a silent capacity,’ said the man on the conference call.

Then RobotPA said, ‘I’ve been impressed. Truly impressed with how you’ve handled everything the last few months.’

‘You wouldn’t say that if you read my blog,’ I thought, but luckily I didn’t say it.

I left the office still trying to take it all in. I told Dickie and the gang that I needed a bit of time to think about it. The downside was that they would not be offering me a raise, but I knew that I could make up for that with commissions. I didn’t broach the subject of the sale and being owed the rest of that money. No point in jinxing the situation.

Newby wanted me to text her when the meeting was over, so I did and we met  for a drink. She didn’t seem as surprised as I, but then again she’s only been in the office for a short period of time. She hasn’t watched the quick dismantling of my career by Giles.

What I didn’t tell Newby was how important this opportunity is for my personal life. This means I can stay in Dundee. I will be a less negative person because I’ll be working in a job that I love again. HP and I can get back to normal. That we can put this last six months or so behind us.

I practically skipped home. I couldn’t wait to tell HP. It was something positive and we could finally talk about rebuilding us. I could put a plan together. None of this living in separate rooms. No more hiding from the discussion we know needs to be had. He and I had been doing so well lately, this is just what we needed to get things back to normal.

I felt good, really good, for the first time in ages.

HP wasn’t home when I got there, but Katie was. She was fuming because Candy’s decided to sell the flat. She bought it as a short term place to live. A place to stay after the divorce until she could find a house she liked, then she would rent it out. But, Candy and her new man have decided to move in together. Since he had kids, they’re looking for a bigger place and she wants to free-up the equity. What this means for Katie is that she’d have to get a flat, like a grown-up. Although, she didn’t see it like this. Despite having a job, Katie doesn’t like spending her own money on things like rent.

Anyway, HP didn’t come home last night, which put a slight damper on my spirits. This morning I texted him to say that I had great news and I wanted to talk. He said he’d gone out drinking and crashed at a mates. He was going to be home tonight.

I’m kind of nervous, kind of excited, really can’t wait to see tonight. I feel like my life is starting again.

One response to “The meeting I didn’t expect

  1. Woohoo! That’s so cool! Well done 🙂 and congratulations.
    Though, a bit worried by your latest non-update. Hope you’re OK and too happy to blog, not that something went wrong.

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