New job in a new world of publishing

I’m starting this post with an apology. I am sorry it has taken me over a week to fill you in on the drama that is my life. But a lot has happened in a week, and I guess it’s been hard for me to process. Yes, the blog had always been a way for me to think everything through, but this past week has made me question quite a lot of my life-decisions, so before writing I needed to decide what it was all about. You know. Life, the universe, and everything.

It would actually be best if I worked backwards in time. Tell you where I am now and how I got here.

I’m in New Orleans, sitting in a little coffee shop in Mid-City called Fairgrounds. (Never been much of a fan of play-on-words establishments. They’re never as clever as they think, but this place is quite good. Homey, good coffee, and a lovely garden patio.) Oh yeah, why am I in New Orleans? Because I am working for London and Paris. I met with London on Thursday and Friday, and spent a marathon two days getting me up to spread on everything they have been building over the next couple of months.

I’m in New Orleans today meeting with a few writers and a festival organiser, then off to Austin, then LA then Toronto, and finally New York. I’m drumming up business, chatting with clients, talking to producers, and getting the word out about the business. Paris is doing the same thing in Europe this week, and London and is up and down the country. After the holidays we’re officially announcing our client list. One of which is Betsy’s ESOL books.

What is it we do? We’re a new form of publisher. A hybrid book packager. We work with both new and established authors to provide package deals: foreign language rights, film deals, merchandising, and media narratives. We give the author more control, an option for higher royalties if they cover some costs. With us there are several options for publication, and representation to get their work sold other platforms such as film and merchandise.

We don’t just handle fiction, Betsy’s language books for example. For her, it’s not just printed texts, but getting together the authors to write the books, the editors, and putting digital learning materials together as part of a package. It’s all about getting together teams of freelancers we can trust to come in and out depending on the projects. Writing is such a team exercise, and we’re recognising that in order to respond to the evolving world of publishing.

Okay, enough of the spiel. Just practicing on you lot, my bloggy-woggy followers, before meeting with some potential clients. It’s quite scary, because for me it’s all come to fruition quite quickly. But, London and Paris have been building this product for months, and I trust them. At the moment, I’m their messenger, then once I’m back I’ll get cracking on managing projects.

I’m also kind of nervous because they can’t promise a salary, but they are covering expenses. All the money is going into starting this up. So I’ll get a percentage of the profits. In the long run, that could be a better deal. Just need to work hard enough to make it happen.

Shit, I’ve got to go. I’m meeting someone in a few minutes. Catch you up on the rest later.

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