Putting life into action

Okay, right. Meeting over. Went so well. Now sitting in the Quarter waiting for my next meeting. So, while I wait I’ll try to finish explaining everything.

Donna’s wedding last Saturday. It was amazing, and I was so impressed with how quickly they threw together a ‘proper’ wedding. Like cake, flowers, catering, band, the whole work. They got all this together in a month, when some people spend years planning this sort of thing. Or, so I thought they only spent a month planning. Their secret was that they’ve been organising this for over a year. Donna and Barbara had decided that they wanted to get married some time ago, but they were just waiting for gay marriage to become legalised before they announced it. As soon as it was legalised in March, they booked the venue and put everything place. They had already chosen everything down to the detail before they booked it all.

What seemed like a short engagement was a long one. I asked them why they did this, why they didn’t want to get all their friends involved? She said they didn’t want to make it a ‘thing’. As soon as they started looking at dresses, caterers and venues, everyone made a big deal about it being a lesbian wedding. Donna and Jude didn’t want a lesbian wedding. They just wanted a wedding.

And a beautiful wedding it was too. Not at all the sort of wedding I thought Donna would have. She’s always been such a no-nonsense person, but it was twinkling lights, candles, white roses and silver ribbon. They both wore wedding dresses. Donna’s as tailored so that it cut close against her body. Strapless and simple. Kind of like a white version of Marilyn Monroe’s dress in Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. Barbara’s dress was more Grace Kelly. Scoop neck, cinched waist, and full skirt.

Two women. Celebrating their love. Not a suit in sight. It was glorious.

Sarah brought the kiddos, and mum took them back to hers in Kingston when the disco started. Mum is trying to talk Sarah into moving to Kingston, maybe she can find a council house there. She so badly wants to be a pseudo grandmother, and Sarah seems to be keen on the idea. Especially as she and Mike may be an item again.

Okay, that’s so me reading into the situation. But, Mike broke up with his chav girlfriend, and he and Sarah spent the night chatting, and from the look on Mike’s face I think he’s forgiven her. During the first dance, when everyone got on to the dance floor with the happy couple, Mike pulled Sarah to her feet for a slow dance. I think at one point I saw him slip his hand onto her belly.

Sarah, Katie and I got a hotel room London. The wedding was at this hotel just off Baker Street, and we didn’t want to worry about last trains. Plus, Sarah was worried she may need a nap part way through the night. So, we got a room. But, with no kids to look after, Sarah never made it back to the room. Not for a nap or for the night. She snuck away with Mike. She swears they talked the whole night and nothing happened, and I believe her. I guess it’s hard to get too romantic when there’s a human inside of you kicking at your bladder. But, all the same, Mike and Sarah. Together again…maybe.

Rich and his wife Skyped in, and we have an amazing picture of the whole gang, with Rich and Sally beaming into the photo via Betsy holding up an iPad. In fact, despite Rich being on another continent, it felt like the gang was back.

At Rich’s wedding, it felt like the end of an era. Like full adult-aggeddon. Adulthood was about to take over our collective social lives seemed bleak. We’d all drifted apart, and despite the occasional text we were no longer ‘there for each other’. We had other people in our lives, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends. There was no time for people who helped you get to your twenties unscathed. We had diverged from one another.

But something became apparent at Donna’s wedding. The divergency didn’t matter. These are people I love and all ways will do. The are here when I need them, but maybe I shouldn’t need them so much. When Betsy first asked me to come work for her, I was excited because, to be honest, it felt a bit like the old days when she would come rescue us during our respective dramas. Donna was the cool headed friend who would give you a good dose of rational, and Betsy was the loving one who made you a cup of tea. That job offer felt like a cup of tea.

Not only do I need to start making my own cups of tea, maybe it’s time I started making them for other people. Sarah asked me to be her newest child’s Godmother, and I’ve accepted. I’ve signed Betsy onto work with London and Paris, and I’m going to make sure Betsy gets a bloody good deal. I’m going to start ringing Rich and Mike just to say ‘hello’, not because I need something. And, I’m excited to be living in London again. Or, well, near it, with mum in Kingston (just until I start getting a wage from London and Paris) and I will be a friend to Donna and Jude.

I’ve learned a lot since writing this blog, and I think it’s time I started putting some of it into action.

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