I hadn’t even thought about this ‘about’ page until WordPress stats told me someone was looking at it. Since I last updated this page a lot has changed.

Part of my CV remains the same:

*A few summers volunteering with a book festival
*One Honours Degree in English
*An Internship at a Publishing Company

But now I can also add:

*Two and a bit years working as a literary agent.

If you’re really desperate to know more about how I got to be an agent, you can just read my blog. I have a really bad habit of talking about everything. Like sharing way too much. Stuff that most people don’t really want to know about. Here’s my first post, just read from here until the most recent one, or until you get bored.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why it’s called Notes From the Intern. It’s fairly obvious. I started the blog when I was an intern, and I can’t be bothered to change it.

If anyone is desperate to get in touch but doesn’t want to leave a comment, you can reach me at: notesfromtheintern@yahoo.co.uk

10 responses to “About

  1. I came across your blog hoping to find some practical information about interning at a publishing company, and what I found is shameful. You are a child playing adult, with no sense of reality. You have no idea how lucky you are. So many talented and intelligent people are begging for a foot into the publishing industry and you’re treating it like a big party. I cannot understand how you got this internship. What experience do you have other than getting lucky?

    • You have no right to come on to this blog and speak to Chellee that way!! She worked really hard to get that internship. At Uni, she was the smartest and hardest working girl in class, and if anyone deserves this internship she does. Your nothing but jealous!!!!

  2. Thanks Sarah. I always knew you were my girl.

    And for all you people out there who don’t think I deserve this job, here’s my qualifications:

    2:1 degree, joint BA in English Literature and Creative Writing
    Distinction for dissertation: ‘Queer as Vampire: Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight as a subjugation of the homoerotic in Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire’
    Three years as a reporter with the student newspaper (one year as head of the arts section)
    Two years with student magazine (one year as Senior Editor)
    Two years volunteering for the Guildford Book Festival

    This that enough to keep everyone quiet?

  3. Hello doodle-bug. Katie told me about your little blogsite. Nice to see you using your writing skills, you were always such a good little story teller. Katie also mentioned that you’re moving up to Glasgow. Well, you know Paula and I are now in Newcastle, which is really on a few hours away. Perhaps we can get together one weekend. I know Paula would love to see you. It has been a while.

    Give me a ring on the mobile. It’s the same number.


    • Yeah, don’t know when I’ll get a chance to see you. I have a feeling my weekends will be pretty packed, trade shows, weekends working, that sort of thing. But I’ll give you a buzz if I’m free.

      PS-Tell my little sister she has no right giving out my private information like my blog.

  4. Great comand of the English language, Katie.

  5. Little things please little minds.

    • WordPress is excellent at eliminating spam comments, but when this one came through, I just had to leave it up. It’s quite cute.

      Oh, and why is it spam? Originally there was a URL that led to a dodgy website.

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