Other (un)interesting stuff

My Friends

I talk about my friends from Uni quite a bit, and I’m sure my little group can be confusing to the outsider. I’ve listed below how ‘the gang’ knows each other:

  • D, M and myself all went to school together in Surrey. (M and I hooked up a bit in school, but it was never a big deal.)
  • D and I decided to go to Uni in nearby Kingston.
  • M didn’t go to Uni, and instead got a job at Argos, where he met R.
  • R went to Kingston Uni, but we didn’t know him until M introduced us.
  • Even though we grew-up near Kingston, D went into Halls her first year where she met S.
  • D introduced S to the group, and M and S started dating.
  • I met B in class first year, and introduced her to our group. B and R hooked up a bit in third year, but then they both decided to leave the country after Uni, so it never panned out.
  • S and M moved in together in second year, and are now travelling the world.
  • B and D got a flat together in second year, and I moved in with them in third year.

I’m sure this is now as clear as mud.

Who I Work For

(Note: the below was written when I was working at MNM, the publishing house. I no longer work there, but I’ve left this page up because…we’ll I don’t know why. I guess just for shits and giggles.)

The name of the company I work for is ‘MacNutter and Mentalist Publications, LLC’ (MNM). Well, it’s not really, but I’m bloody tired of saying ‘my company’, ‘this company’, etc. So from now on, I’ll just call it MNM for convenience sake.

Boobs and NFEditor: A back story

Before I got told off for not being cool enough, Boobs and NFEditor told me a little bit about their lives. Here’s what I found out:

Boobs is from Edinburgh, and went down to London after finishing her degree at St Andrews. She got an internship with one of the big publishers (not MNM) and worked her way up through the ranks. This was when she met NFEditor and she led the glam life of a rock-n-roll publisher. She left publishing for a while to work for an agency, but didn’t like it. In the mean time she got married to her University sweetheart and had two kids, and that’s when she wanted to be closer to home – so the kids would know their grandparents. When she found out about a job in Glasgow, she and her husband jumped at it. And this is where she is now. Funny, it’s a lovely little story, despite her being such a bitch.

NFEditor is from Brighton and went to Oxford. After Uni she decided she wanted to be a journalist, so she got a placement with one of the papers. She started out doing copyediting, and then moved onto writing features for the arts section. She met Boobs around this time, and also left the newspaper to go work for a glossy monthly magazine where she eventually became the Editor for the arts section. She got married and divorced during this time, but never had any children. The magazine cut her position, and she needed a job. Boobs was already here in Glasgow, and told her about a position that came open in nonfiction. And this is where she is now.

PS-I considered not posting any of this because someone might figure out who Boobs and NFEditor really are. So I did a bit of internet searching to see how easy it would be to figure out, and what’s really funny is that almost everyone in publishing has the same credentials. They nearly all started in London, worked their way up, and/or was in journalism. So, funny thing is, despite the fact they think their lives are quite interesting, they have the same history as everyone else in this profession. They are terribly normal.

Goatee: A Biopic

Goatee comes from a quite posh family, and he went to school at Fettes in Edinburgh. Everyone thought he would go off to Cambridge, but since he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life he decided to take a gap year and travel. But the gap year turned into a gap-five-years. When he was in New Zealand he met a girl, and they got married. He and she spent the following few years travelling. They’d stop in one place long enough to find work (often working illegally), and once they’d saved up enough, they’d move on to the next spot. Goatee and his wife lived in Burma, America, Peru, Iceland, Kenya, and Israel. But Mrs. Goatee got pregnant, so they moved back to Britain. But she didn’t like the UK, so their marriage broke down and she went back to New Zealand with their son. Goatee sees his son every few years, and he’s spent a few summers in Britain, but they aren’t close. His son is now an adult and is a civil engineer working in Sydney.

After Goatee’s marriage broke down he decided to finally go to Uni. He did his undergraduate degree at Durham and then completed a PhD in Art History at the University of St Andrews. (I guess I could call him Dr. Goatee.) Unlike NFEditor and Boobs, he didn’t do an internship to get into publishing; instead he used the more traditional method – his brother got him a job in London with one of the bigger publishing houses. He found he had a knack for marketing and PR and branched into that form of publishing. Overtime he worked his way up, but he didn’t always like pushing the dross that gets published by the big houses. So, when an opportunity with MNM came up, he jumped at it because it would be a chance to work with local authors and ‘independent thinkers’.

PS-Rationalisation for posting this information can be found here.

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