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Early days in the life of a publishing intern.

Opinions opinions

Have talked to leads of friends, and I’m still so confused. Move to Dundee or live in London? Everyone has a different opinion of what I should do, and I have no idea. Continue reading

On the move again?

Right, remember how just the other day I was whinging about not having anything to do. I wrote a whole post about how this was the first time in my entire life in which I had nothing to think about, and no ‘drama’. Yeah, well fuckity, fuck, fuck I spoke too soon. Continue reading

First hangover on home turf

Raging hangover. First night out in UK in seven months. First time I’ve seen M in over a year. Since working in the city, D has found the most mental places to go out in London. Was out all night, just got back on the first train in the morning. CRAZY, CRAZY TIMES! Continue reading

Back on Britannia firma

Hello All,
Just a little note to say ‘hello’ and guess who’s back on British soil? Yup, the old gap year intern has just landed. Well, not just landed. I got in yesterday. I stayed out in the States a few extra weeks so I could end my round the world trip with a Halloween blow-out, and mon dieu, the people of New Orleans certainly know how to celebrate the macabre. But it’s also nice to be in the UK for the most British of holidays, Bonfire Night.

Now that I’m home, living with Mum, unemployed, broke and waiting on a job to possibly start in the new year, I’ll have a lot more time on my hands. Therefore, I’ll try to use that time to get caught up on my blogging. 

Well off to meet D in the city. Glad to be home, and I hope all is well with those in the bloggesphere.




After excusing myself from the bloggesphere for a bit, I’m momentarily back to say ‘hello’ and ‘thanks for all the well wishes’. Continue reading

The End

I need to start this post not by telling you about my day, but thanking my blog readers. The last six months have been crazy, and without the constant support of those online I probably would have given up. When I started the blog, I had no idea that such a strong supportive community existed, and my eternal gratification goes out to those who stayed with me along the way.

The reason I am getting so sentimental about blogging is because this will be the last post of Notes from the Intern, for a while. Continue reading

The Cross Country Dream

Control my life. Vote on how to tell my flatmate I like him.

HarryPotter and I went and saw PAUL. It’s a pretty fun film, and I thought the Christianity vs Evolution gags were quite smart and cheeky. The film is tagged as a comedy science fiction, but it definitely more of a road movie. Pegg and Frost’s characters travel the width of America in order to attend a Sci-Fi Convention in California, and it’s along the way that they meet the alien.

This film solidified my desire to go travelling. Continue reading