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Non-Bathtub Blogroll: The Swollen Edition

Due to the Olympics, I became homesick for living near London and got totally sucked into the games, which made me think that I could be all sporty, and I tried to be sporty, but instead I fell flat on my face and sprained my ankle.

Now my foot and the bottom part of my leg looks like it’s wearing a water-wing. I’m all bandaged and black and blue.

But, having a bunged up ankle isn’t really the problem, because I’m working from home so I don’t have to maneuver the stairs out of the flat. Plus, HarryPotter’s been coming around quite a lot – we was around all weekend. The problem is that the Edinburgh Book Fest is nearly here and I was finally going to go. I was sooooo psyched. Oh, plus, it will be my birthday during the Festival so I had plans to act like a drunken literary fuckwit the night of my birthday after the readings, which is totally hard to do when hobbling around on crutches. I’m still going no matter what state of mobility I am in, but it won’t be as good. Edinburgh has lots of stairs.

Anyway, here I am talking about my personal life. Which I said I wouldn’t do. Which is also why I try not to visit the blog more than once a week, for fear that I’ll get hooked again.

So, some really cool links that you may like:

Funny woman Pamela Ribon’s website totally recommened by JudiSunshine.

9 Foreign Words the English Language Desperately Needs: I’ve decided that I’m going to start slipping some of these words into everyday conversations.

TeleRead: I’m like the last person in the industry to discover this site, but nonetheless I did eventually find it. It’s basically a newspaper all about books. Super cool.

Okay, this one isn’t something cool, this something I want to STOP. The Secret to Humor is Surprise Facebook page sucks. Please stop putting these pictures on your wall. They aren’t funny. A picture of a child or a small animal with a relatively bitchy saying is not funny. This is the sort of thing my mum would find funny. It’s the same sort of funny as the middle-aged woman who walks into a shop and puts on the giant sunglasses in a fit of ‘whimsy’. ‘Oh look how “crazy” I am trying on Elton John sunglasses and a festival hat. Oh no I’m not going to buy anything shopkeeper, I’m just laughing at your merchandise.’ Yeah, these pictures are that sort of funny. So, please stop putting them on your Facebook wall, or I’m going to have to block you.

Right. I think I’m going to have to get off the blog now. The swelling in my foot seems to have reached my brain and I am unable to filter. So, yeah. I’d better go before someone accuses me of being a Kaelling.

The Bathtub Blogroll is Back

Sorry I’ve been away for so long (a whole week), but since I said I wasn’t going to blog about personal stuff any longer, it was just easier to stay away. The pull was too strong, so I had to go cold turkey, and all that.

However, since I’m jonesing for a little blogging action, I’ve decided to have a peek back at the old bloggy woggy, and post a Bathtub Blogroll (although, I haven’t needed to post form the bathroom for a while).  Hopefully, there’s no harm in passing along cool blogs and interesting topics I’ve discovered out on the internet. Is there?

Well, there’s only one way to find out. So, here you go. Enjoy…

As I’m saying often, I’m not a writer, but I still know shit when I see it. This is a great top 7 tips on How not to Write a Novel. And for everyone who says ‘this doesn’t apply to me’, I say ‘Yes it does and I see the outcome in the slush pile all the time.’ Heck, these are the exact reasons I am NOT a writer. 

Now, on to something a little less bitchy: We Feel Fine. This is the coolest thing in the world. You can tell what humanities is feeling based on globa blog posts. But, there is no way I can do this project justice, so just read their mission statement here. Oh, and it didn’t work for me in Explorer, so I had to open it in Firefox.

And if you ever wonder what a publisher does all day? (Other than blog about scummy ex-boyfriends and winge about horrible co-workers – as I did when I was at MNM.) Little Brown has put together a series of case studies, which do the trade much more justice than Notes from the Intern ever did.

Not in the Bathtub Blogroll

I no longer have to hide in the loo to do a blogroll post, so this is now to be called the ‘Not in the Bathroom Blogroll’. Continue reading

Bathtub Blogroll Number 3

Really don’t feel like dealing with people in the house, so I’m hiding in the bathroom again. But at least my bloggy-woggy followers get a Bathtub Blogroll out of my cowardness. Continue reading

Bathtub Blogroll 2

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Bathtub Blogroll

Back in the old NFTI days, I used to put all kinds of awesome links on the blog in hopes of providing information and instigating discussion. I have had all the intention in the world of doing this for NTFI-The Agency, but I just don’t have the time. Actually, it’s my job at work to look up cool publishing and literature stuff on the internet and report back to others. Unfortunately, the ‘others’ are limited to my co-workers and bosses, and not my bloggy-woggy followers. Also, as I do not blog at work (unlike at MNM where I consistently blogged at work), I don’t have time to make a note of all these cool links on this site. Instead, I’ve been keeping a record of them separately, promising myself that I will ‘one day, when I get a chance, put them up on NFTI for all to see.’ Continue reading