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Gulf Shores Saturday

I know this is not what you want to hear, you want me to blog about the meeting with PoshMum. But I’ve got to tell you about Gulf Shores first. Continue reading

Being zapped on Father’s Day

I hate laser tag. It’s a stupid waste of energy. Continue reading

Jubilee Jubilation

I am so red, white and blued, monarchied, and jubileed out. It. Was. Amazing.

I could very possibly spend the next 24 hours writing about the amazing Jubilee weekend, describing every tiny detail from brushing my teeth in the morning to the moment I feel asleep, but that would be ridiculous. Although, I am on such a post-bank-holiday high I could totally do just that and write about everything.

So, in order to avoid boring my bloggy woggy readers, I’ll just hit the highlights. Continue reading

Running away to Cathedral City

I’m just now home from a weekend away. Yup, did a bunk from work. I know that’s not cool, particularly just now as Loraine is away. But, I probably have a sick day or annual leave or something coming to me. Plus, I needed a bit of time off, just to think. So I did what all good little girls do, and I ran away to Daddy’s house to escape it all. But before I talk about a weekend with Dad (which was actually kind of uneventful), I should tell you how I ended up on a train to Newcastle. Continue reading

Notes from a Long Weekend

It’s one of those spring rains, when it comes down hard beating on the windows. The clouds are out but the sky is light enough that it’s not oppressive. I’m still at work and I don’t want to go home. Not only am I afraid to face Pete, but this little conservatory feels more like home than my flat. Plus, I haven’t blogged in days and I may be going through withdrawals. So with Loraine and Philip away, and LadyBohemia tucked up in her tower, I’m going to take this time to fill you in on the weekend past. Continue reading

Rural Village Life

I’m going to keep this short because Fife said he was going for a ‘quick run’ and he won’t be gone too long.

Yesterday was a fabulous day. We went into the village did a bit of food shopping, and we ran into a couple Fife knows. Like Fife, their cottage is a second home, and they’re only up for the long weekend. We got to chatting, and they suggested that we meet them for dinner in this gastro pub a couple of villages over. Continue reading

Counting down the hours until I leave

Hung over. Again.

Last night. Yeah, last night. I called Fife to come meet me earlier than scheduled, and I got a cocktail at the DCA while I waited. He arrived and because our dinner reservations weren’t for another hour we ordered a bottle of wine. We sat at a table in the corner. He kept leaning in trying to hold my hand, but I was worried. PoshPhD comes to the DCA quite often, what if she saw us? Continue reading

Extra Days off Work

I’m slowly getting Conspiracy trained. He sent over some blog-novel samples based on my notes, which I then polished up and sent over to Manchester. Now, to wait and see what Manchester thinks. Fingers crossed. Continue reading

Happy Belated Mardi Gras

Okay, this is the last post. I swear.

I just wanted to say ‘Happy belated Mardi Gras to all my NO peeps.’ Sorry I didn’t give you all a shout out yesterday. Wish I was there!

The Holiday Romance Returns

I have a splitting headache, I’m absolutely knackered, and I’m in bed alone on Valentine’s day. Continue reading