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Extra Days off Work

I’m slowly getting Conspiracy trained. He sent over some blog-novel samples based on my notes, which I then polished up and sent over to Manchester. Now, to wait and see what Manchester thinks. Fingers crossed. Continue reading


Happy Belated Mardi Gras

Okay, this is the last post. I swear.

I just wanted to say ‘Happy belated Mardi Gras to all my NO peeps.’ Sorry I didn’t give you all a shout out yesterday. Wish I was there!

The Holiday Romance Returns

I have a splitting headache, I’m absolutely knackered, and I’m in bed alone on Valentine’s day. Continue reading

2011 Goodbye, 2012 Hello

Many blogs are talking about looking back at the past year. Even Facebook is filled with people either bemoaning 2011 and are happy that the year is leaving us behind, or they are revelling in all-to-soon nostalgia for a year that has only just passed. I tried to do this myself, look back at the last year. And with a blog full of posts recording nearly every day of my life from 1 January 2011 until I left for my gap summer, as well as a USB drive full of gap summer photos and two handwritten travel diaries, it would have been really easy for me to meditate on the past year. In fact, I tried to do so. I pulled up my first ever NFTI blog post, and tried to read forward. But I couldn’t bare it. So, I skipped ahead to 1 January, and it was even worse. As I now have hindsight, reading all those old posts was just too difficult. I need a little more time to pass. Not that the past year was necessarily bad; I just was – at times – a fool, and I need some distance before I can laugh at my mistakes. Continue reading

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

There is so much I want to tell everyone. Decisions have been made and plans have begun. And I’m sorry I haven’t taken the time to fill everyone in on…well…everything. But I’ve had two very good reasons for not blogging. Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving

PS-Happy turkey day to all my American compadres. To all those who I know face-to-face, have a big bird leg on me. And to my numerous bloggosphere pals in the US, have a slice of virtual pumpkin pie from me.

All my holiday kisses,

El Burns Nighto

I am so knackered. My feet are killing me, my ears are still ringing from the music, and all my makeup has melted off my face from dancing like a madman. But it was such a good night. Continue reading