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The Calvary

I was just about to leave the pub last night when my phone beeped. I was quite surprised to find this message from M:

in Dundee. can’t find ur flat. Continue reading

He went and moved in

Holy fuck. I came home today to a flat full of furniture. Granted, I told Fife that he could move in, and I even said we could get a sofa-bed for his kids, but otherwise I thought he’d keep everything at the house and just bring like a suitcase or something. Instead, he’s moved in everything! Continue reading

White Goods

It started out as such a lovely morning. Breakfast at the B&B, then met the estate agent at the flat. She was there waiting for us outside, gave me the key, and took us up to the flat where I was to sign the lease. I walked in and was shocked. There was no furniture. Nothing. Nothing at all. Continue reading

So far, so good

We’re staying in a little B&B not too far from my new flat, but before we checked in we drove by and looked at my flat from the outside. The area seems okay. There’s a Co-Op down the road, and the street is fairly clean. Continue reading

A Car Full of My Stuff

Dad just left the house with his car full of my stuff. The whole situation was just awful. Continue reading

Once I’ve Actually Moved

Today was fairly shit. I packed and unpacked, and then shuffled stuff around, and packed again. I’m still not sure exactly what I should bring. What’s too much stuff and what’s not enough? Continue reading

Shit Night Out

Just home from the lamest night out. This was supposed to be my going away party, and, well, essentially, none of my friends gave a shit. Okay, I’ve only got two friends in town, but neither of them gave a shit. Continue reading