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My Mad Schedule

Just got some interesting additions to my calender.

Paris was supposed to go to the Frankfurt Book Fair and I would go to the World Publishing Expo. The Frankfurt Book Fair is much more our thing, as the World Publishing Expo is more newsy. However, as we’re dealing with more and more non-fiction titles and beginning to dable in representing authors who work in cross-platform media, we thought that this year we should go to both. However, Paris now can’t make it as her husband is away and there is no one to watch their daughter (the au pair has asked off for that week, and evidently some sort of nanny style drama is ensuing). Oh yeah, it has been a long time since I’ve blogged reguarly, so you don’t know about Paris. Paris met a guy in France and married him, and he has a daughter who lives with him, and now Paris is suddenly a mum. But the girl is super cute, and Paris’ husband is so hunky. He’s Swiss but has dark hair. Sexy and mysterious. Continue reading

Best time to submit

posting a letterAugust for anyone is the arts is a busy month, but for those of us in Scotland it’s bedlam. Book Festival, International Festival, Film Festival, and, of course The Fringe and all the Fringe related activities, including (but not limited to) the Whiskey Fringe. Yeah, you heard me right. The Whiskey Fringe. And yes, I like Whiskey now. It’s taken a while, but I’m all over that brown alcohol. Wait. That makes me sound like an alchy. Which I certainly am not. Anyway, rambling… Continue reading

Getting on the top selling list with Amazon

Quite interesting stats on how much you have to sell to get into the top Amazon rankings. All put together by Kathy Temean. Check it out.

The Stupidest Genre

There’s a new genre that seems to be clogging the slush piles everywhere. At first, I thought it was just the Agency, but as I chat with others in the industry it’s becoming obvious that it’s a trend. In fact, those I know who run Creative Writing Master’s courses get a lot of submissions in this genre.

Unfortunately, people should stop writing it. Like now! Immediately. If you’re reading this post, and you discover that you’re writing in this genre. Stop. Turn off your computer, walk away, have a good hard think, and then write something else. Continue reading

Is Unlimited Kindle really worth £120?

Amazon has invented a services that is basically a libary, but you pay for it. It’s called Kindle Unlimited. I’m not a fan, but with things changing so fast in publishing, libraries (in the US, but not as quickly in the UK) taking advantage of digital sharing, and self-published novels giving traditional books a run for their money on Amazon, anything coming into the business market should be watched carefully.

Have a read of this article about Kindle Unlimited on Inside Higher Ed by Barbara Fister. It makes some really great points. Such as: Continue reading

No Instagram For Me

This article on Bustle by Olivia Muenter is exactly why I don’t Instagram, or put pictures on my Facebook, or lie about what my life is really like. (Clearly, anonymity issues aside, and the fact that I only just got an all singing all dancing iPhone a year ago. Before that, I was still on a Nokia.) Anyway, I just don’t have the energy or craftsy merit to take nice ‘This is what the world thinks I’m doing’ photos. But I do love how this gal totally outted herself. We all know social media is so fake, and love that she admits it. So funny and honest. Thank you.

The Secret Life of the Blogging Agent

I was having a chat with a friend who knows me in person and as a blogger and she asked why I’m so cagey about my identity. After all, that personal stuff I used to write about it now quite far in the past.

There are three reasons why I keep my anonymity: Continue reading

Stupid stupid data

I am the biggest fuck wit. Talked the crew into buying a proper database. One that we can record all kinds of stats on that we can gather from social media and other such junk, and then use to target specific readers. It will also help us keep track of our authors and royalties and payments and such. And it will help us keep track of our best performing publishers. Continue reading

You’ll Get There in the End

Last night I had a Skype chat with a wonderful lovely friend in the States. She’s someone I got to know through this blog, and we struck up a friendship over the years.

The conversation last night was difficult because she’s having a rough time of things. Recently broke up with her man, financial woes, and questions about career. Continue reading

How to get a literary agent without a finished manuscript

I was at asked to give a talk at a writing circle recently, and I happily obliged. Please forgive me if this sounds horrible, but those in attendance were of the same demographic I see at so many of these things: retired (or near it), mostly women, upper middle class, bored, know everything. Continue reading