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I hate life decisions

Head is swimming. Had such a good night last night.

Was the Intern’s last day at work, so I took her out for what was supposed to be a pint. It turned into several bottles.

Everyone in the office and Giles was invited, but happily only Newby joined us. We were talking about the Intern’s up coming job, and I mentioned that she should meet Lorainne. Hoping for the best, I texted Lorainne to see if she’s join us. She had only been back in town a few days, and was looking forward to getting out of the house already. Continue reading

An offer to stay in the UK

I just got off Facetime with Betsy and I told her my reservations, and that I just couldn’t take the post.

So she did what all good friends would do, she made the decision even more difficult. She said that if I had reservations about moving to Italy, I could run the publishing company from the UK.

She’s got a point. There’s absolutely no reason why the publishing arm of her company needs to be in Italy, especially as she’d probably be using UK writers…maybe…or would we use UK writers living and teaching in Europe…or does it matter?

Geeze and rice. Back to having to make a decision.

Hot water under the bridge

My Bathroom Tap

My Bathroom Tap

Not a good Sunday.

Let me start with, what I thought was, the drama of the day. The problem with having your own flat. When things break there’s no landlord to call.

The nozzle on the hot water bath tap came off. Yeah, crazy, just came off. Was shooting hot water everywhere. And we had no idea how to turn the water off in the flat, so we just ran around like a maniacs for a few minutes until HP had the idea to lower the water pressure on the boiler. He turned the gas on the boiler down to 0, then fiddled with a knob that released the pressure. Soon we didn’t have a geyser, we had a babbling brook. Continue reading

Pro and Cons of becoming an ex-pat

After I blogged yesterday, I didn’t go home. I stayed and talked to Lorainne about Betsy’s offer over a glass (actually a bottle) of wine. She really helped me weigh out all the pros and cons of taking up Betsy’s offer to run a publishing company for her: Continue reading

Should I move to Italy (a rhetorical question, hence the lack of a question mark)

Just got off Facetime with Betsy. Before my life was busy, but I didn’t have any major decisions to sort, well…not really. I kind of just let Lorainne, London and Paris make the decision on the sale of the agency. I pretended to be a part of the decision making process, but – in truth – I would have done whatever they said. Continue reading