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Missed Opportunities

I had a lot to think about regarding London and Paris’ offer to come work with them, and where HP and my relationship is going. I mean we’ve been together officially for over two years, on and off for longer than that, and we own a house together. In today’s society, a mortgage is far more binding than a marriage. Continue reading

Awesome office temp

Quickly, I just have to share this awesome thing that just happened in the office.

First, I forgot to tell you how amazing Newby is. She has a Master’s in Anatomy, and she’s got a place studying for a PhD in Neurobiology at Cambridge in the fall. She’s just temping as a way to earn a bit of money and take a mental break before starting her PhD.

Giles rings her today, spouts some business speak at her, and then asks her if she knows how to use Word, because she might need to draft some ‘important letters to some very special people’ and Giles wants to make sure ‘that even on paper they get the star treatment.’ Then he adds, ‘Maybe you should ask Patch to help until you understand the level of service and professionalism we expect.’ Continue reading

I hate life decisions

Head is swimming. Had such a good night last night.

Was the Intern’s last day at work, so I took her out for what was supposed to be a pint. It turned into several bottles.

Everyone in the office and Giles was invited, but happily only Newby joined us. We were talking about the Intern’s up coming job, and I mentioned that she should meet Lorainne. Hoping for the best, I texted Lorainne to see if she’s join us. She had only been back in town a few days, and was looking forward to getting out of the house already. Continue reading

Should I set myself free?

London called early this morning saying that Giles has not only now decided to let them out of their non-existent employment contract, he’s paying them the rest of the money owed for the sale of the Agency. She thinks he’s too worried that if it goes to court he’ll owe even more, which is likely as London and Paris are taking him to court in England and in France. London then asked again if I wanted to come work with them. I said I’d chat to her about it tonight. Continue reading

When infatuation goes too far…and other work gossip

Just MacDraggyFeet and myself are in the office today, so I feel okay blogging for a bit.

Yesterday in St Andrews was a really good. Confusing, but good.

The ride into town was quite awkward and it wasn’t until we could see the spire of Sally’s that HP asked what I had planned on doing in St Andrews. I had no idea. I figured that there had to be some sort of St Andrews Day ‘thing’ going on, but I hadn’t even thought to look it up in advance. Continue reading

Waiting to be positive

After spending the day working through things internally, I have decided that I need to show HP that things can be like they used to. That we can have a great time together, no drama, no complaints. Just silly chats, funny voices and positivity. Continue reading

London and Paris have been set free

When I finally went into the office today no one was there except MacDraggyFeet. Even RobotPA was away. Although, I didn’t discover she was gone until nearly 3pm when MacDraggyFeet went into RobotPAs cupboard looking for paper, found it locked, started banging on the door, and eventually gave up and wandered off.

I figure if RobotPA were there she would have answered, and I can’t believe MacDraggyFeet still hasn’t sussed that that is not actually a cupboard any longer but RobotPA’s ‘office’. Then again, I’m still not sure how MacDraggyFeet gets to work everyday. She’s so out of it. She’s like one of those 1960s oldies who never came down from a trippy Woodstock high. Continue reading