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Why does it matter what I look like?

Candy and HP are walking into their office together, and they had to go in early today, so I awoke to her voice in our kitchen. I stayed in bed listening to them talk. HP was laughing, that lovely small laugh. The one I can picture in my mind, where the sides of his mouth turn up and his eyes look down. As the laugh grows from small to large, he becomes embarrassed and he tries to hide his laughter. He puts his hand over his face and he looks even more endearing. Continue reading

Having lunch with your quarter life crisis

Left Sarah behind and feeling quite mixed emotions about our reconnection. She looks bad. Like we’ve all aged since Uni, but she looks really old. Haggard even. Then again, she’s pregnant. Again. I asked her why she keeps doing it, having babies I mean. She said, ‘It just seems to happen.’ Well, nothing ‘just happens’ when Sarah’s involved. Ever. Continue reading