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I hate life decisions

Head is swimming. Had such a good night last night.

Was the Intern’s last day at work, so I took her out for what was supposed to be a pint. It turned into several bottles.

Everyone in the office and Giles was invited, but happily only Newby joined us. We were talking about the Intern’s up coming job, and I mentioned that she should meet Lorainne. Hoping for the best, I texted Lorainne to see if she’s join us. She had only been back in town a few days, and was looking forward to getting out of the house already. Continue reading

Film and boss deconstruction

Goatee and I went and saw Mockingjay last night. What an amazing series. I could never get into the books too much, mostly because they are written in first person present tense and that drives me crazy. But the films I am really into. I leave the theatre feeling totally fearless and like I can take on the world. (And the films aren’t as gory as the books.) Continue reading

Old offices and new intern

Right, temporarily living in Glasgow…sort of.

Let me start with what happened last Thursday morning.

Giles came storming into the office because he found out that the Intern was doing all her hours for the week over two days, and he told her it wasn’t acceptable. (She usually works Monday and Tuesday, but changed to Thursday and Friday this week, but he thought she was still working every morning.)

Then in front if everyone he bollocked her saying that he’s gone out of his way to give her this opportunity, and she needs to take it seriously, and that ‘in the real world you can’t just choose your schedule.’ He then says, ‘if you were working at Tescos you couldn’t choose the days you work.’ Continue reading

Lying Coworker

My bloggy woggy followers who have been kind enough to listen to my whinge when no one else will. Betsy ignored my texts today. Donna did text me back but said, ‘I don’t have time for your drama just now.’ Fucking cow. Tried calling Rich, and talked to his wife for a bit before she obviously fobbed me off with a fake ‘Gotta go someone’s at the door’ excuse. Talked to Mike for like ten seconds, before he said ‘At least you weren’t dumped in a foreign country.’ Yeah. He has no sympathy whatsoever. I can’t talk to Katie because she’s bestest buddies with Candy (even if she is moving out of Candy’s flat), and I’m still mad at her about quitting her internship anyway. Oh, shit. You know who would probably totally listen to me whinge and get me drunk on expensive red wine in the process? Hubby. I’ll text him…

…Texted Hubby. ‘HP has walked out.’ Continue reading

The Monday after

I was lying in bed this morning debating whether or not to go to work, or if I should just stay under the duvet all day wallowing in my misery. I picked up my phone, I had to talk to HP. Did he leave me because he wanted to be with Candy? But if that was the case, why was he acting angry with me? I was the one who should be angry. And I was angry. Livid. I wanted to scream, but instead the tears came. Continue reading

Hot older men, teaching at a Festival and non-anon

Yeah, this guy is 50.

Yeah, this guy is 50.

Just got off the train. The winds up here are crazy. Waves from the Tay were crashing on the side of the wall, and coming across the rail bridge was actually scary. The winds just ripped around the train. It was a bit like that part in Harry Potter when the Dementors are surrounding the Hogwarts Express. It was so cool. Continue reading

No work travel for me

Right. Personal life started out in the shitter today, and then my professional life went completely down the U-Bend.

You know how Giles cancelled my trips to Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Well, they’re back on. But not for me. Continue reading

What the hell am I supposed to do with an Intern?

My New Intern

My New Intern

What an atrocious day. The weather is an absolute nightmare. Rain. Wind. Cold. It even feels darker.

About ten o’clock this morning there was a knock on Lorainne’s front door. It was a little lost girl. Well, I say girl, she’s about 19 years old. Lorainne brings this drowned rat through to the office, makes her a cup of tea, and says that I can get her sorted. Continue reading