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The woman’s voice reduced to a pie-chart sliver

Yes, I know I haven’t blogged in like a year or some such. And, yes, this is disappointing as I promised I’d keep everyone abreast of publishing information. And, yes, I do suck.

But, this popped up in my feed today, so I have decided to post it here. I’m not saying that I’ll start blogging about personal stuff again, but if intersting tid-bits come about, I’ll repost them here.

Anyway, enough of my rambling preamble. These are figures regarding literary magazines, and their interaction with female writers — whether that’s reviewing a female author, or using women to write their reviews and stories. And, to be honest, it’s shameful. While we all knew it was going on, seeing the woman’s voice reduced to a pie-chart sliver makes it harder to ignore.

The following link sums it all up:

But, what shall we do about it?

Where are the funny women writers?

I stumbled across this old article from the Jezebel, and it really made me think, ‘There aren’t many funny female novelists’. Why is that? Continue reading

How Loraine became an agent

Just before lunch today Loraine asked if I had any plans. I was about to tell her about my café lunches, but then decided that I wanted to keep it a secret from everyone…even Loraine. I know it’s silly, but it’s become the only place that is mine. All mine. Continue reading

Bathtub Blogroll

Back in the old NFTI days, I used to put all kinds of awesome links on the blog in hopes of providing information and instigating discussion. I have had all the intention in the world of doing this for NTFI-The Agency, but I just don’t have the time. Actually, it’s my job at work to look up cool publishing and literature stuff on the internet and report back to others. Unfortunately, the ‘others’ are limited to my co-workers and bosses, and not my bloggy-woggy followers. Also, as I do not blog at work (unlike at MNM where I consistently blogged at work), I don’t have time to make a note of all these cool links on this site. Instead, I’ve been keeping a record of them separately, promising myself that I will ‘one day, when I get a chance, put them up on NFTI for all to see.’ Continue reading

Focus, focus, focus

I know I shouldn’t be blogging from work, but I am so, so, very, very tired, and it’s a glorious spring day, and even with the windows cracked in the office I just can’t stay awake. I’m hoping this will wake me up a bit and help me focus. Continue reading

MyAuthor’s Dilemma

Boobs and I caught a train over to Edinburgh to meet MyAuthor for lunch and talk about her new book. We scored a table seat on the train, which normally would be good, but this meant that I had to spend the entire journey making polite conversation with Boobs. After a bit of chit chat, she pulled some paperwork out of her bag and said, ‘I’ve got work to do, if you don’t mind.’ Despite the attitude, with her doing work I was allowed to stare blankly out the window. (I thought about bringing work to do on the train, just so that I’d look like I was doing my job, but she’d probably ask about it, and I’d have to blag something, and she’d figure out that I wasn’t doing my job. Staring out the window worked just fine instead.) Continue reading

Switching Rolls

HarryPotter doesn’t live in the best area of Glasgow, but his flat is quite convenient for the underground. He’s smack between metro stations, but luckily he drives in (he scored a pass for a car park by the office ages ago), and he gave me a ride this morning. Continue reading

eBooks, Online Mags, Book Prizes and Book Giveaways…all in a day’s web surfing

Today at work was extremely productive; unfortunately for MNM my productivity had little to do with my job. I started looking for something work-related on the internet, which lead to something else, which lead to something else, and before I knew it, I’d spent the day looking up writing and publishing websites. Continue reading

Friday Night: A Catered Affair

I had the best time on Friday night at the agent’s party. Goatee booked us into a room at the Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh. It is such a gorgeous hotel. We had been upgraded to a suite; a suite with a bedroom so huge I could have parked a Smart car in it. 

The Caledonian used to be attached to a rail station — when railways were grand architectural works. The place has so many of its original features, and there was this big grand staircase that made me feel like I was ascending and descending into a time warp.

Continue reading

Writer Type Stuff from the Internet

With everyone out of the office and half of Britain getting a snow day, I spent the morning catching up on my internet surfing. As promised, I have an ongoing project to find sites that either support or showcase new writing, and today’s internet research has paid out.

I’ve listed below some interesting sites, and some equally interesting articles. You can also find this listed on my ‘Thoughts on Literature’ and ‘In Search of New Writing Pages’. Continue reading