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Mum’s buying her house

Quick little bit of funny and happy news. All is going through with the sale of the house. Mortgage has been secured and offer on the house accepted. Mum called and she insisted that I read the paperwork before it’s all signed, so I told her to scan them in at work and email them to me. I can only compare it to when I bought my flat, but we went through an estate agent, so not sure I’m the person to read it through. However, she said it would make her feel better for me to read it, so I told her to send them over. After we hung up my phone rang and I answered it to a horrible screeching noise. Mum is so in the dark ages, she took the papers into work and tried to fax them to my phone. I rang her work and spoke with her boss who said she’d scan them and email them to me. What a numpty my mum is. But so happy she’s getting her house. I’m just over the moon. I wish I could be there to celebrate with her.


The internship and the council house

Two big bits of family news today. Katie went and talked to the people she had been doing an internship with, and they had already replaced her. However, some how she has blagged her way into a paid job with them. I have no idea how she has quit a volunteer job for ‘something better’ then manages to make them beg her to return. Sometimes I’m not sure that we have the same genes. Continue reading

Being in Your Twenties

At about three in the morning there was a knock on my door. I wasn’t quite asleep, but any drowsiness that may have existed left at the prospect of HP being at my front door. I flung myself out of bed to answer it, and much to my dismay it was Katie.

I apologised for the obvious look of disappointment on my face and let her into the flat. She had been trying to get into Candy’s flat, but lost the keys and Candy was out for the night.

Katie and BWB split up. Well, that’s the easiest way to explain it. The way Katie explains it is that they were never really dating because neither of them believes in the ‘outdated patriarchal system of tethering a woman to a man’. So, she and BWB were ‘non-committally monogamous’, and BWB promised that Katie could work with him and his crew. He was heading off to San Paulo next week, some of his team went ahead to scout locations and Katie stayed behind with BWB to ‘fathom the representation of a Brazilian zeitgeist.’ (My gawd, art speak is as bad as management speak.) Continue reading

Train of shame

I have a massive thumping head. Too much red wine, a late night, and an early train ride have messed with my focus.

I was in Edinburgh last night having the most lovely home cooked meal at Intern2 and Hubby’s flat (why can everyone cook but me?), and…oh, right, before I move on with the gloriousness of the evening, I have to admit something. I kind of screwed up with HP. I completely forgot he was coming back to Dundee last night after being away. For a week. I should have been home, waiting for my love in lingerie or something, but I kind of just forgot. Continue reading

I’m actually proud of my sister

I was only home a few minutes last night when there was a knock on the door. It was Candy reminding me about my request to do something over the weekend, but asking if we could do it on Saturday night. I had to say ‘Yes, Saturday was fine’, but paranoia crept in all the same.

Was she stalling me to Saturday night because she was going to sneak away on Friday to see HP? But would she rush back and forth to Manchester (like 5 hours away) just to keep up the rouse? Did she and HP have sneaky online chat plans scheduled? Or, was he really in Manchester? Maybe he was up the road at a hotel and the two of them were having a sneaky affair under my nose? Continue reading

Things I learned when I got home from work

Things I learned when I got home from work today: Continue reading

Buying a second home, sort of.

I stopped half-way through a blog last night because I had an epiphany. I suddenly have enough money for a downpayment on a house, and my mum is having problems with her rent. Why don’t I buy my mum’s house? Continue reading