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I hate the lot of them

Why does every man in my life have to be such a horrible shit? Every single one of them is a cheating lying sack of scum.

Because Goatee can’t stand to be alone even for a second, he had yet another night planned for us. His wife is supposed to be back on Saturday, so I knew that having my companion in crime was about to come to an end. Rightfully, as soon as she returned, he’d spend all his evening with her. So, I agreed to hangout with him again tonight.

We went out to eat. Goatee had been wanting to try a new upmarket currie house that opened a few months back, but he hadn’t had a chance to do so. I had a lamb balti sag, and to be honest I don’t understand why the place was up market – other than the fact it looked like hypster haven with chalkboards for me use, things were served on a slab, and the pipes were exposed. Oh, and the prices were really expensive. The food was good, but no better than anywhere else. Continue reading

Gluhwein and Office Stalkers

Managed to scam a late start for work today. Didn’t have to get up in the dark to just get to work. Made my way in on the train after a leisurely breakfast, and I’ve actually made myself look presentable this morning. (I’m loving living in Glasgow again, hating the commute…although, I’ve yet to do it properly.)

Goatee suggested we head to the Christmas market last night, but it shuts at 8pm, so I sneakily ducked out of work a bit early so we could get there with a few hours to spare. The only person who would have even cared if I left early was RobotPA, but there’s something totally weird going in that place and if she pays attention to anything it should be that. But, I’ll get to that in a moment.
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The internship and the council house

Two big bits of family news today. Katie went and talked to the people she had been doing an internship with, and they had already replaced her. However, some how she has blagged her way into a paid job with them. I have no idea how she has quit a volunteer job for ‘something better’ then manages to make them beg her to return. Sometimes I’m not sure that we have the same genes. Continue reading

Film and boss deconstruction

Goatee and I went and saw Mockingjay last night. What an amazing series. I could never get into the books too much, mostly because they are written in first person present tense and that drives me crazy. But the films I am really into. I leave the theatre feeling totally fearless and like I can take on the world. (And the films aren’t as gory as the books.) Continue reading

The night in with my ex

Inspired by Sarah’s bargain charity finds, I decided to spend my day on the hunt for a thrifty little number for Donna’s wedding. Unfortunately, Sunday was not the best day for this, as most of the charity shops were closed. Wandered into few boutiques as well and I’ve bought this gorgeous purple dress that’s got a cinched waist and is quite flitty on the bottom. Kind of like a fifties style, with this scooped neckline that cuts from shoulder to shoulder.

As it wasn’t a second hand bargain, I paid way too much, so not taking off the tags for a while. Need to really have a think about whether or not I need a new dress.

When I got back to the flat, I found Goatee. Bag of groceries on the counter and head in the fridge. (As in Goatee rummaging through the fridge, not a human head sitting in a fridge.) Continue reading