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Where are the funny women writers?

I stumbled across this old article from the Jezebel, and it really made me think, ‘There aren’t many funny female novelists’. Why is that? Continue reading

Writing for the love of it

First thing’s first. Em. I’m not dead. Conspiracy did not kill me. But you are absolutely amazing for worrying about me.

Now, on to the blog.

Loraine was back in the office today, and we had a bit of a chat about her London trip. Most of it I already knew as we’ve talked on the phone, but she filled me in on some other details. Like she sold a new author she’s been working with, and she’s secured a higher advance than originally expected. So, that’s quiet good. Continue reading

Conspiracy Gives a Writing Lesson

Pete texted while I was at work to see what I was up to tonight, and I reminded him that I had a Conspiracy event to go to. He texted me back saying that he wanted to go. At first, I wasn’t too keen on this as it would mean I’d have to pay his bus fair to the event out in the back end of nowhere Fife, and I wasn’t sure if I could expense his ticket. Then I remembered that I’d left the box of books at the flat, and I kind of needed him to bring them to me so I didn’t have to go all the way home. I then also realised that it would actually be helpful if he could just haul around the books for me. I had them stuffed in an old lady trolley, but they’re still heavy and unwieldy, so I said he could come — if he brought the book trolley. Continue reading

A rant inspired by a comment about self publishing

Work has given me a Kindle and an account. I’m to download self-published novels looking for talent. Well, one nice thing about the Kindle is that you can have a sneak peak for free before buying, and honestly, I haven’t wanted to buy that much. There is very little that sparks my interest. Granted, I’m looking at them from the point of view of a future publisher (or actually, from an agent point of view, but it’s all business just the same). Maybe I’d spend the 99p if I was just looking for a bit of fun, but I’ve found nothing so far that makes me think, ‘My god. How has this person not been snapped up by a publisher? This is brilliant!’ In fact, I’m reading a lot of slush pile material that’s been made into an ebook. Continue reading

Those Crafty Spammers

Blogs get spam in the comments just like email, and if you’re on a good blog-ish-thingy (I don’t know what the term is for sites that host blogs like WordPress and Blogger) they’ll catch the spam and put it in a spam folder. Just like email. Usually the spam is some poorly written ramble in which they try to sell you Ug boots. Also, just like legit comments, they link back to another site, but spam comments link to a website that will refinance your house and sell you Viagra. Continue reading

Quick Blogroll Additions

I found these four websites that budding writers might find useful: Continue reading

Publishing Karma

Publishing karma is a bitch. Yesterday, I sent out some cold call emails to publisher and agents I don’t know regarding jobs, and I’ve already started getting rejections. I should have never lied this morning. It’s most certainly going to come back and bite me in the arse.

Day Two: More Literary Fun

Another good day. Started with an early swim, a hearty breakfast, then went over to the Festival to hear Robin Pilcher speak. He talked about his characters as if they were real. He kept saying, ‘She said…’, ‘He did…’ He talked about his book like he was recounting the life story of a close friend. Now, that’s a good writer. Someone so immersed in their work, that the characters become living breathing entities, not just fictional characters on a page. I can only hope that I can write that well one day. Continue reading

The Vote of Confidence

Wednesday morning meeting. Coffee and muffins from a new little store, one that’s sending us an invoice, which lead to the main topic of the day…finances. London’s sent around an email saying that there’s been ‘issues’ and ‘it will no longer be acceptable for those on placements to manage, organise or complete financial transactions.’ The London office will be handling everything. Continue reading

Agents’ Blogs

I’ve recently gotten hooked on agent blogs, and found them to be very useful. The idea these days is that the only way to get published is through an agent, and in my experience at MNM, most of our authors come with representation. Therefore, who best to give advice on getting an agent, but an agent? Continue reading