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Old offices and new intern

Right, temporarily living in Glasgow…sort of.

Let me start with what happened last Thursday morning.

Giles came storming into the office because he found out that the Intern was doing all her hours for the week over two days, and he told her it wasn’t acceptable. (She usually works Monday and Tuesday, but changed to Thursday and Friday this week, but he thought she was still working every morning.)

Then in front if everyone he bollocked her saying that he’s gone out of his way to give her this opportunity, and she needs to take it seriously, and that ‘in the real world you can’t just choose your schedule.’ He then says, ‘if you were working at Tescos you couldn’t choose the days you work.’ Continue reading

I’m actually proud of my sister

I was only home a few minutes last night when there was a knock on the door. It was Candy reminding me about my request to do something over the weekend, but asking if we could do it on Saturday night. I had to say ‘Yes, Saturday was fine’, but paranoia crept in all the same.

Was she stalling me to Saturday night because she was going to sneak away on Friday to see HP? But would she rush back and forth to Manchester (like 5 hours away) just to keep up the rouse? Did she and HP have sneaky online chat plans scheduled? Or, was he really in Manchester? Maybe he was up the road at a hotel and the two of them were having a sneaky affair under my nose? Continue reading

No Longer the Intern, Now I’m the Staff

What’s got two thumbs and a job? This guy! Continue reading

Inter-Office Spies and Job Interviews

Woke up on the floor of the lounge this morning, my legs were completely dead because HarryPotter was curled up across them like a dog. I reached over and shook him. He rolled over, and I stood up. Or I tried. My legs were asleep, I completely collapsed and wacked my cheek on the arm of the sofa. Which made a hell of a racket, partially because I screamed bellbottomed obscenities when I hit the side of the sofa. HarryPotter jumped up in a panicked daze wanting to know what happened. I yelled that I fell and hit my face, and then started crying like a little girl who skinned her knee. I knew that my cheekbone had just shattered, the skin was ripped open and the sofa indent looked like a zombie attack. Fuck that fall hurt. Continue reading

Time is Running Out

Too much to do, too little time

I’m trying to get everything tied up before I leave the placement. I have another manuscript to sort out, the usual daily tasks of distribution, email responses and general admin duties, and I’m trying to update the incoming intern manual so that they have more information coming into the job than I ever had. Continue reading

The Job Hunt Continues

Today Goatee is out giving talks to local Universities and Colleges. He’s doing Q&A sessions on publishing and promoting the September internship. Yes, September. The deadline for the March placement has come and gone, and students are already thinking about fall 2011. This scares the bejesus out of me, because I’ve got one month left at MNM and no job prospects. I can’t even begin to worry about six months down the road. Continue reading

Finding That Placement

I opened my NoteFromTheIntern to find a lovely comment from Serena in Italy. Initially, I thought I’d email her, but decided to post an open response instead. Someone else might find my advice useful, or (more likely) someone else in the bloggesphere could have much more relevant and interesting advice than me. So please feel free to comment and add to anything I’ve posted.   Continue reading

The Hunt for the New Intern (and where do I go from here?)

After a couple of hours digging for jobs, surprise, surprise, there’s nothing out there. So, I’ve decided to be proactive, sell myself, make it happen, and all that other motivational-type bollocks. Continue reading

Back to Normal

Today, everyone was back to work, and life seems back to normal. 

Just like the first day back to school after Christmas, everyone was showing off their presents. I wore the necklace Goatee got me, Intern2 had on a new suit, NFEditor had gotten a new hair cut, and Boobs had duck lips. Continue reading

An Intern2 Story

I was prepared for another day of office alone time, when much to my surprise Intern2 turned up. As he’d been intermittently coming in to check the messages, he assumed that he’d do it over the Bank Holidays as well. He wasn’t aware that I’d be around. I told him not to worry, I had things under control, and that he could go home. But he insisted on staying, saying that he had some stuff he wanted to do. Continue reading