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Film and boss deconstruction

Goatee and I went and saw Mockingjay last night. What an amazing series. I could never get into the books too much, mostly because they are written in first person present tense and that drives me crazy. But the films I am really into. I leave the theatre feeling totally fearless and like I can take on the world. (And the films aren’t as gory as the books.) Continue reading

Stupid stupid data

I am the biggest fuck wit. Talked the crew into buying a proper database. One that we can record all kinds of stats on that we can gather from social media and other such junk, and then use to target specific readers. It will also help us keep track of our authors and royalties and payments and such. And it will help us keep track of our best performing publishers. Continue reading

Blogging about work turns out to be productive

I want to sleep!

Because interns aren’t allowed to do the books, NFEditor is supposed to do her own accounts now. But being that she’s a lazy ignorant cow who couldn’t get through the self-checkout lane at Tesco, let alone organise her own budget, she’s just handed all her stuff over to Intern2. So, despite the ruling that interns aren’t supposed to be responsible for money, Intern2 is now responsible for money. Better him than me. Continue reading

A Sore Head and a Right Bollocking from Boobs

My head is still a little sore. HarryPotter and I went out to the pub after work, just a quiet drink. Then a mate of his turned up, and they started talking about football, or maybe it was rugby. I don’t know, I wasn’t listening. Continue reading

Very Petty Cash

So knackered. Up all night reading MyAuthor’s manuscript and Boobs wants me to spend today writing briefs on the changes I would implement in the book, marketing strategies, authors for recommendation, and any other ideas I might have. At this point, I wouldn’t change a thing in MyAuthor’s book, but I should probably come up with some changes – so at least it looks like I’m doing my job. Of the three other books I’ve been given, one’s ready for copyediting, but luckily I don’t have to do that. Although, I need to contact the copyeditor and sort out the details. And I need to schedule an appointment with the other two authors to discuss changes Boobs has in mind for the book. Continue reading

An Office of One’s Own

The Office all to Myself

Did you know that today and tomorrow are Bank Holidays? I didn’t. (It’s only a Bank Holiday today in England, Scotland gets two days.) I found out this morning when I got up for work assuming that Goatee was going to give me a ride, only to discover him still in bed having a lie-in.

I’m the only one at the office, and I’m in to check emails and voice messages. Continue reading

Breaking and Entering

We were sitting in the Wednesday morning meeting today, when someone comes through the front door. Of course, I wasn’t at my desk because I was at the meeting, so I got up to see who it was coming in. (Oh, by the way. Picking up coffee and muffins for the morning meeting is so much easier by chauffeured car.) But before I could round the corner to get to front of the office, this man comes striding through into the back. He was wearing a grey suit and had a shoulder bag. I thought that maybe he was a pushy cold-calling salesman, so I asked ‘Can I help you?’ Continue reading

Secret Blogs, Secret Projects and Secret Christmas Presents

I’m doing this NoBloPoMo thingy, which requests that members post everyday. Obviously, I didn’t think about how difficult that would be, as my blog is supposed to be a secret. It’s not like I can post from Goatee’s house. For example, tonight I’m leaving straight from work to go to a party, so I’ve had to do a cheeky from-work post. Continue reading

Boring day in the office

Trudging in on the snow and ice was miserable, but my thighs and butt are really sore (from walking awkward as not to fall), so at least I got a work out from it.

Once again, no one was in. Goatee didn’t even turn up, he called to say that he was supposed to meet some authors, but they cancelled on him, so he’s ‘working from home’ instead. Whatever.

HarryPotter and Intern2 showed up, and they helped me hold down the fort. Well, actually, they played online games in the back office, while I was at the front desk. And yes, Boobs did call a few times just to make sure I was there.

Despite my resentment for having to work on a snow day, the quiet of the office helped me achieve three things: Continue reading

Imprints on my Internship

As it turns out, I’m working for an ‘imprint’. Now, I’d heard that term bandied about before, but to be honest I had no idea what it meant, and to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have paid attention if some had told me. But, evidently, it’s an important distinction. Continue reading