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An agent and her reputation

HP was still up playing on that game. I was hoping he’d come to bed and I’d try my sexy on again. So, I waited and waited, and finally got a bit fed up, tip-toed into the lounge to find him asleep on the sofa, the game still on, and the controller in hand.

I’ve left him in there to sleep.

So, since I’m wide awake I’ll fill everyone on my Monday meetings.

I met with London and Paris and we had such a great chat. They’re doing well, and their business is getting off the ground. And, oh, and they are suing Giles. They asked me to keep it all confidential, and while I’m usually a spill-all kind of blogger, in this instance I should probably keep it zipped. I don’t want to jeopardise their suit. Also they begged me to come work for them. Okay, they didn’t beg. But they did say that if I ever changed my mind, I had a job at their place. Continue reading