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Choosy lesbians choose Iceland

Just now home. Decided to take the late afternoon train instead of the sleeper. Candy and HP are in the lounge playing a new game she got her hands on from work. Oh, and Katie is no where to be found. So despite me dragging a suitcase full of her shit across the country, she didn’t keep up her end of the bargain and be a proper cocki-blocker.

I texted Katie to find out where she was and this was the response: Continue reading

Jubilee Jubilation

I am so red, white and blued, monarchied, and jubileed out. It. Was. Amazing.

I could very possibly spend the next 24 hours writing about the amazing Jubilee weekend, describing every tiny detail from brushing my teeth in the morning to the moment I feel asleep, but that would be ridiculous. Although, I am on such a post-bank-holiday high I could totally do just that and write about everything.

So, in order to avoid boring my bloggy woggy readers, I’ll just hit the highlights. Continue reading

End of an era

I am seriously struggling. Last night was really truly grand. The gang was on form. D was her usual angry self, so angry she makes the rest of us piss with laughter. S&M were too cuddly for words, which right tweaked D. Which then made us all laugh ourselves stupid. Continue reading