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I’d remember Manchester

UberPA, for those who are wondering, has a delightful personality. She sat at a spare desk all day, moved only for allotted breaks, which consisted of a quick trip to the loo. For lunch, she set her watch, powered down her computer, ate a yogurt, then sat there until her watch beeped. She then turned her computer on and went back to working.

We didn’t speak, other than the first exchange, for the rest of the day. Yeah, stellar personality. Continue reading

Pros and cons of commuting to London

Work was a bit of a scheduling nightmare today. Spent half the day on the phone with mum trying to sort this council problem. You know, the whole under-occupancy thing, and the other part of the day trying to schedule meetings with various clients and publishers to talk to them about the sale. Not that the sale will affect them, just don’t want them to hear about it through the grapevine. Continue reading