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Anti-Rockwell, the Banksy wanna-be, and nude art photos

It’s dawned on me that I didn’t finish telling you the story of Friday night.

We all headed back to Edinburgh on the train. Intern2 and I spent time catching up and even reminiscing a little. Talking about what everyone has gotten up to over the last years. Boobs moved back to London and is now working as Senior Editor for the cultural section of a major newspaper. Her husband stopped working and is a stay at home Dad. Intern2 actually had Boobs do a couple of guest lectures at the Uni he was working at. NFEditor is out of jail. She didn’t spend much time in the end (if any, I think she got time spent), but she’s pretty much disappeared from the radar. Heard a rumour she runs a tea shop in some seaside town, but that’s just a rumour. She would be a fucking miserable tea lady. Goatee, part owner and manager of an art gallery in Glasgow, and HP…

I paused, because at this point I was still upset about us…I wasn’t trusting him…and I didn’t want to get too much into it. Continue reading