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Putting life into action

Okay, right. Meeting over. Went so well. Now sitting in the Quarter waiting for my next meeting. So, while I wait I’ll try to finish explaining everything.

Donna’s wedding last Saturday. It was amazing, and I was so impressed with how quickly they threw together a ‘proper’ wedding. Like cake, flowers, catering, band, the whole work. They got all this together in a month, when some people spend years planning this sort of thing. Or, so I thought they only spent a month planning. Their secret was that they’ve been organising this for over a year. Donna and Barbara had decided that they wanted to get married some time ago, but they were just waiting for gay marriage to become legalised before they announced it. As soon as it was legalised in March, they booked the venue and put everything place. They had already chosen everything down to the detail before they booked it all. Continue reading