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Pronoun confusion and other legal stuff

Where did I leave off? Oh yeah, the Intern texted me and asked me to caller her. I went into my room and called her straight away.

The Intern’s mum told her that Giles doesn’t own the Agency, and evidently this is common knowledge. (Common knowledge to everyone but me.) His brother actually owns the agency.

Remember how I mentioned (did I mention this?) that Giles’ name wasn’t Giles because the name on the contract has a different first name. Well, I thought ‘Giles’ was some sort of posh school boy nickname. You know how they all have like six names but go by ‘Dickie’ or something ridiculous. Yeah, I thought that was the case with Giles. Well, it isn’t. Or, actually, it could be. Maybe Giles’ name isn’t Giles’, but that’s not important as his brother owns the Agency and it’s why there’s a different name on the contract. And it’s why there was a second person at the contract signing that looked just like Giles. (Then again all posh old men look alike to me.) Continue reading