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Posh Party Part 2

Right, where did I leave off? The party. Continue reading

Posh Party Part One

Fife sucks. He drank us all under the table, you couldn’t even tell he was drunk (if he was drunk) and he still got up for his morning run. How does he do it? He’s old and I’m young. I’m supposed to be the one full of energy and life. Not him. I hardly drank a think and I feel as sick as a dog. I’ve already knelt to the porcelain god twice this morning. Continue reading

Party Freak Out

I’m freaking out about Posh’s going away party tonight for two reasons: Continue reading

Leaving Do and Moving Plans…Again

Just got home from my ‘going away’ party. I can’t believe work threw me a party. I was only a temp, and a holiday one at that. Maybe it’s because Mum’s a lifer at the shop, or maybe my boss is just super nice. Continue reading