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Posh Party Part One

Fife sucks. He drank us all under the table, you couldn’t even tell he was drunk (if he was drunk) and he still got up for his morning run. How does he do it? He’s old and I’m young. I’m supposed to be the one full of energy and life. Not him. I hardly drank a think and I feel as sick as a dog. I’ve already knelt to the porcelain god twice this morning. Continue reading

A Day in the Drews

View from the Park

We both woke-up pretty early the next morning, and that’s when we realised that without the heating system working we couldn’t take a hot shower. HarryPotter called his dad, and after more fiddling, they decided that it was broken. But as it was a weekend, there was no point in calling someone to fix it, so we only had two options: stay and be cold, or go home. We chose the cold option.  Continue reading