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I’m actually proud of my sister

I was only home a few minutes last night when there was a knock on the door. It was Candy reminding me about my request to do something over the weekend, but asking if we could do it on Saturday night. I had to say ‘Yes, Saturday was fine’, but paranoia crept in all the same.

Was she stalling me to Saturday night because she was going to sneak away on Friday to see HP? But would she rush back and forth to Manchester (like 5 hours away) just to keep up the rouse? Did she and HP have sneaky online chat plans scheduled? Or, was he really in Manchester? Maybe he was up the road at a hotel and the two of them were having a sneaky affair under my nose? Continue reading

An Intern2 Story

I was prepared for another day of office alone time, when much to my surprise Intern2 turned up. As he’d been intermittently coming in to check the messages, he assumed that he’d do it over the Bank Holidays as well. He wasn’t aware that I’d be around. I told him not to worry, I had things under control, and that he could go home. But he insisted on staying, saying that he had some stuff he wanted to do. Continue reading

Jealous much?

Intern2 left with Goatee…again. While I’m sitting at the front desk answering phones, making copies, stuffing envelopes, processing payments, filling direct orders, answering general enquiries and slugging through the slush pile, Intern2 gets to leave the office at least a couple times a week. Continue reading