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Jealous much?

Intern2 left with Goatee…again. While I’m sitting at the front desk answering phones, making copies, stuffing envelopes, processing payments, filling direct orders, answering general enquiries and slugging through the slush pile, Intern2 gets to leave the office at least a couple times a week. Continue reading

The confusing game of multiple submissions

At the morning office meeting today I discovered some interesting information which I shall pass on to you lot who are checking out the notesfromtheintern blog in hopes of scoring some publishing tips. Continue reading

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

A typical day at a publishing house.

I didn’t post yesterday because I was seriously thinking about leaving this placement. I was feeling unappreciated and uninformed, and I felt that, generally, this placement was a way for the company to keep a secretary without having to pay an admin’s salary. Honestly, by yesterday afternoon I had to leave the office for a ‘break’ just so no one would see me cry, and as 6pm rolled around I dreaded heading back to the apartment where my flatmates hated me as much as my employers.

 But, by today, things have changed…well, not really. Let me explain. Continue reading

Let them read chick lit

I hate it when Boobs comes to my desk. She normally just emails me which I prefer. When she comes to my desk, it’s usually with the specific task of berating me, and while today was no different on the berating front, the whole episode lead to a new blog project…a revamp of ‘thoughts on literature’.

Continue reading

I’m a slush pile reader

Great news! Intern2 was assigned the fiction slush pile, but he can’t handle the load. So they’ve decided to split the slush pile between Intern2 and myself. I am so dead excited. Finally, I get to do some work in fiction. I know there’ll be a lot of dross, but there’s bound to be one or two brilliant pieces. In fact, what if sitting in that pile is the next Sophie Kinsella, Margaret Atwood or Stephenie Meyer? Or, I could even find the next Booker Prize winner and give him/her their big break!

Wow! This sort of power trip is just almost orgasmic. I cannot wait to get started!

A new attitude

My family and I went to Florida when I was a kid, and the people in the holiday let next to us were quite chatty. Actually, they told us their entire lives. Personally, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to air their dirty laundry to perfect strangers, but I guess that’s Americans for you. Anyway, the mum of the family kept using this term ‘come to Jesus’. I guess it means that one has an epiphany, but on a more biblical scale.

This weekend I ‘came to Jesus’. Continue reading

Are they having a laugh?

Going to work this morning was a nightmare. There were people bloody everywhere, and the bus was mobbed. But that wasn’t the worst part of the day, it was feeling like I was back in school. Continue reading