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I hate the lot of them

Why does every man in my life have to be such a horrible shit? Every single one of them is a cheating lying sack of scum.

Because Goatee can’t stand to be alone even for a second, he had yet another night planned for us. His wife is supposed to be back on Saturday, so I knew that having my companion in crime was about to come to an end. Rightfully, as soon as she returned, he’d spend all his evening with her. So, I agreed to hangout with him again tonight.

We went out to eat. Goatee had been wanting to try a new upmarket currie house that opened a few months back, but he hadn’t had a chance to do so. I had a lamb balti sag, and to be honest I don’t understand why the place was up market – other than the fact it looked like hypster haven with chalkboards for me use, things were served on a slab, and the pipes were exposed. Oh, and the prices were really expensive. The food was good, but no better than anywhere else. Continue reading