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MyAuthor’s Dilemma

Boobs and I caught a train over to Edinburgh to meet MyAuthor for lunch and talk about her new book. We scored a table seat on the train, which normally would be good, but this meant that I had to spend the entire journey making polite conversation with Boobs. After a bit of chit chat, she pulled some paperwork out of her bag and said, ‘I’ve got work to do, if you don’t mind.’ Despite the attitude, with her doing work I was allowed to stare blankly out the window. (I thought about bringing work to do on the train, just so that I’d look like I was doing my job, but she’d probably ask about it, and I’d have to blag something, and she’d figure out that I wasn’t doing my job. Staring out the window worked just fine instead.) Continue reading

The Fem with the Pen

I had the best day at work yesterday. MyAuthor rang. (That’s my new name for my very favourite author who is published through MNM.) She automatically recognised my voice, to which I was totally chuffed. I think I kind of squealed a little when she acknowledged me and asked how the placement was going. Continue reading