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Bathtub Blogroll

Back in the old NFTI days, I used to put all kinds of awesome links on the blog in hopes of providing information and instigating discussion. I have had all the intention in the world of doing this for NTFI-The Agency, but I just don’t have the time. Actually, it’s my job at work to look up cool publishing and literature stuff on the internet and report back to others. Unfortunately, the ‘others’ are limited to my co-workers and bosses, and not my bloggy-woggy followers. Also, as I do not blog at work (unlike at MNM where I consistently blogged at work), I don’t have time to make a note of all these cool links on this site. Instead, I’ve been keeping a record of them separately, promising myself that I will ‘one day, when I get a chance, put them up on NFTI for all to see.’ Continue reading


Agents’ Blogs

I’ve recently gotten hooked on agent blogs, and found them to be very useful. The idea these days is that the only way to get published is through an agent, and in my experience at MNM, most of our authors come with representation. Therefore, who best to give advice on getting an agent, but an agent? Continue reading