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US Publishers

After HP’s little shop purchase last night, the rest of the evening was back to tense. He didn’t make me run off to the bathroom right than moment and pee on a stick, but it sat there in that stupid blue and pink box on the floor of the lounge for the rest of the evening. I wanted to kicked under something, or put it in the bin. But I couldn’t. It was calling to me, asking me to let it reveal my fate. It’s still sitting on the floor. Continue reading


It has been a really long day. I’m still at work, and Fife’s rung to ask if I’d be home for tea. At this point, I don’t think I will. In fact, I shouldn’t be blogging, but I could use a little break. Continue reading

Deal Making in the Back Room

Right. So why have I avoided talking about the meeting with PoshMum? Because I’m not sure how it went, and I was hoping she’d get in touch with me today. I hung around the office hoping she’d ring, and just as I’d given up hope she called (or her purchasing person rang). But let me start from the beginning. Continue reading