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US Publishers

After HP’s little shop purchase last night, the rest of the evening was back to tense. He didn’t make me run off to the bathroom right than moment and pee on a stick, but it sat there in that stupid blue and pink box on the floor of the lounge for the rest of the evening. I wanted to kicked under something, or put it in the bin. But I couldn’t. It was calling to me, asking me to let it reveal my fate. It’s still sitting on the floor. Continue reading

Book Deals are Boring Affairs

MNM got back in touch today about an advance for the Gordon Highlanders book, and they made an offer which (according to the records I’ve found on the shared drive) seems in line with other similar books. In fact, it was what I was hoping for. However, they did make a snippy comment suggesting that they ‘accidently’ left out the advance and that reminding them about it was uncalled for. I say bollocks on that, I wan’t NOT going to mention it. Continue reading