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The night in with my ex

Inspired by Sarah’s bargain charity finds, I decided to spend my day on the hunt for a thrifty little number for Donna’s wedding. Unfortunately, Sunday was not the best day for this, as most of the charity shops were closed. Wandered into few boutiques as well and I’ve bought this gorgeous purple dress that’s got a cinched waist and is quite flitty on the bottom. Kind of like a fifties style, with this scooped neckline that cuts from shoulder to shoulder.

As it wasn’t a second hand bargain, I paid way too much, so not taking off the tags for a while. Need to really have a think about whether or not I need a new dress.

When I got back to the flat, I found Goatee. Bag of groceries on the counter and head in the fridge. (As in Goatee rummaging through the fridge, not a human head sitting in a fridge.) Continue reading