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The Bathtub Blogroll is Back

Sorry I’ve been away for so long (a whole week), but since I said I wasn’t going to blog about personal stuff any longer, it was just easier to stay away. The pull was too strong, so I had to go cold turkey, and all that.

However, since I’m jonesing for a little blogging action, I’ve decided to have a peek back at the old bloggy woggy, and post a Bathtub Blogroll (although, I haven’t needed to post form the bathroom for a while).  Hopefully, there’s no harm in passing along cool blogs and interesting topics I’ve discovered out on the internet. Is there?

Well, there’s only one way to find out. So, here you go. Enjoy…

As I’m saying often, I’m not a writer, but I still know shit when I see it. This is a great top 7 tips on How not to Write a Novel. And for everyone who says ‘this doesn’t apply to me’, I say ‘Yes it does and I see the outcome in the slush pile all the time.’ Heck, these are the exact reasons I am NOT a writer. 

Now, on to something a little less bitchy: We Feel Fine. This is the coolest thing in the world. You can tell what humanities is feeling based on globa blog posts. But, there is no way I can do this project justice, so just read their mission statement here. Oh, and it didn’t work for me in Explorer, so I had to open it in Firefox.

And if you ever wonder what a publisher does all day? (Other than blog about scummy ex-boyfriends and winge about horrible co-workers – as I did when I was at MNM.) Little Brown has put together a series of case studies, which do the trade much more justice than Notes from the Intern ever did.