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The woman’s voice reduced to a pie-chart sliver

Yes, I know I haven’t blogged in like a year or some such. And, yes, this is disappointing as I promised I’d keep everyone abreast of publishing information. And, yes, I do suck.

But, this popped up in my feed today, so I have decided to post it here. I’m not saying that I’ll start blogging about personal stuff again, but if intersting tid-bits come about, I’ll repost them here.

Anyway, enough of my rambling preamble. These are figures regarding literary magazines, and their interaction with female writers — whether that’s reviewing a female author, or using women to write their reviews and stories. And, to be honest, it’s shameful. While we all knew it was going on, seeing the woman’s voice reduced to a pie-chart sliver makes it harder to ignore.

The following link sums it all up: http://www.vidaweb.org/the-count-2012

But, what shall we do about it?