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An offer to stay in the UK

I just got off Facetime with Betsy and I told her my reservations, and that I just couldn’t take the post.

So she did what all good friends would do, she made the decision even more difficult. She said that if I had reservations about moving to Italy, I could run the publishing company from the UK.

She’s got a point. There’s absolutely no reason why the publishing arm of her company needs to be in Italy, especially as she’d probably be using UK writers…maybe…or would we use UK writers living and teaching in Europe…or does it matter?

Geeze and rice. Back to having to make a decision.

If it’s not okay it’s not the end

Loraine was not in a good mood today. She brought up the issue of disbanding the London office with the rest of the team. I think she was really cool about the whole thing; she asked for everyone’s opinion, and how they would suggest dealing with incoming posts, contact information and meeting with clients. For good reason, AdminAssist was none too pleased, but Loraine suggested that maybe she could work from one of the other London agent’s home office, just like I’m working at Loraine’s. This did not go down well. In fact, even Manchester was against it despite the fact that he’s not in London. The only person supporting Loraine was Paris, but even with Paris’ backing no one else even wanted to discuss it. Continue reading