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Putting life into action

Okay, right. Meeting over. Went so well. Now sitting in the Quarter waiting for my next meeting. So, while I wait I’ll try to finish explaining everything.

Donna’s wedding last Saturday. It was amazing, and I was so impressed with how quickly they threw together a ‘proper’ wedding. Like cake, flowers, catering, band, the whole work. They got all this together in a month, when some people spend years planning this sort of thing. Or, so I thought they only spent a month planning. Their secret was that they’ve been organising this for over a year. Donna and Barbara had decided that they wanted to get married some time ago, but they were just waiting for gay marriage to become legalised before they announced it. As soon as it was legalised in March, they booked the venue and put everything place. They had already chosen everything down to the detail before they booked it all. Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving

Union Jack Pie

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends from across the Pond. (Tried to find a picture of a turkey with a Union Jack painted on it, but this doesn’t seem to exist. So, you’ll have to settle for a pie as my transatlantic Thanksgiving offering.)

The single mum and all her bags

Had a good day with Sarah. The plan was to meet in town, and I would watch the kids while she went Christmas shopping. She confessed that since she didn’t have hardly money, and the kids were too little to appreciate Christmas, she was going to get her presents at the charity shops. And this made my heart sink. Continue reading

Another friend marries

Donna proposed to her girlfriend. We all saw that coming, but what I didn’t expect was a short engagement. I have another wedding to attend in a month. Should be a good shin-dig though. The big question is what to wear and who’s next? At this age it seems like everyone is getting hitched. Doesn’t look like it will be me.

Being in Your Twenties

At about three in the morning there was a knock on my door. I wasn’t quite asleep, but any drowsiness that may have existed left at the prospect of HP being at my front door. I flung myself out of bed to answer it, and much to my dismay it was Katie.

I apologised for the obvious look of disappointment on my face and let her into the flat. She had been trying to get into Candy’s flat, but lost the keys and Candy was out for the night.

Katie and BWB split up. Well, that’s the easiest way to explain it. The way Katie explains it is that they were never really dating because neither of them believes in the ‘outdated patriarchal system of tethering a woman to a man’. So, she and BWB were ‘non-committally monogamous’, and BWB promised that Katie could work with him and his crew. He was heading off to San Paulo next week, some of his team went ahead to scout locations and Katie stayed behind with BWB to ‘fathom the representation of a Brazilian zeitgeist.’ (My gawd, art speak is as bad as management speak.) Continue reading

Schadenfreude friends

Having a bit a stress evening. HP and I are talking tomorrow. I’m trying to brace myself for the worst, but I don’t know what the worst is. Taking E’s advice and trying to do stuff to keep my mind off of things.

Sarah talked Pete’s Aunty into babysitting and met me in Glasgow for the afternoon. The weather was horrible so we decided to make it an inside day. Coffee, cinema (‘The Imitation Game’, I highly recommend it), and drinks before getting onto the train back to Dundee. Neither one of us talked about our situations, just laughed and giggled at silly looking people. She said, at one point, it was nice to not talk about being a mum. I said it was nice not talking about being an agent. Then we snickered how we were now so old that having a glass of wine at 3pm felt indecent. Continue reading

More emails between friends

As I stated before, I will post the emails Emilie and I sent to each other last week. I was a bit nervous to post the ones below because she gave me a right talking to, and I totally dismissed her. Kind of feeling bad about it, but ignoring one’s problems is so much easier than facing up to them. Yep, that’s my defense. The easiest route is the best, even if it becomes the hardest in the long-term.

Email from Emilie 7 November, Friday

Hi C –

I’m so glad you had a (relatively) good Bonfire Night and that you’re out of the flat and staying with friends. I think that’s a great space for you right now and it sounds like it’s already giving you some perspective.  Continue reading