The last post

As I said in my previous post, HP left me a letter. You already know what came of that letter. I’m now working with London/Paris. I told Dickie and Giles ‘no’, said I’d help them transition with a new person. But they said ‘jog on’. Well, they said it in a posh way. I think they thought I would change my mind. But, no way jack. London’s been talking to some of my favourite agency authors, and they’re considering publishing with us.

I also forgot to tell you that Katie has decided to move in with HP and pay my part of the mortgage. Solves her need for a place to live, and this way HP and I don’t have to sell the flat straight away (he couldn’t afford the mortgage on his own). After I get back from the US, I’m going to stay in Kingston with mum. Katie is going to pack up all my stuff and after the new year, she’ll drive it down to England in a hire car.

The plans have been made and I don’t know what the future holds. But I’m okay with it, and I’m excited. I do miss HP. I love HP. But, he’s right. It was time to move on.

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The penultimate post

Sorry, had to run again. Blogging while traveling makes it difficult to be consistent with the timing of my posts.

So, going backwards.

I guess it’s time to fill you in on HarryPotter.

God this hurts to write about, but I shouldn’t put it off any longer. I’m not writing this to work through things, or to use my posts as pseudo-therapy. I’m writing it because I feel obligated to fill everyone in on what’s happened. This will be one of my last posts ever, and I can’t end it without an explanation. Continue reading

Putting life into action

Okay, right. Meeting over. Went so well. Now sitting in the Quarter waiting for my next meeting. So, while I wait I’ll try to finish explaining everything.

Donna’s wedding last Saturday. It was amazing, and I was so impressed with how quickly they threw together a ‘proper’ wedding. Like cake, flowers, catering, band, the whole work. They got all this together in a month, when some people spend years planning this sort of thing. Or, so I thought they only spent a month planning. Their secret was that they’ve been organising this for over a year. Donna and Barbara had decided that they wanted to get married some time ago, but they were just waiting for gay marriage to become legalised before they announced it. As soon as it was legalised in March, they booked the venue and put everything place. They had already chosen everything down to the detail before they booked it all. Continue reading

New job in a new world of publishing

I’m starting this post with an apology. I am sorry it has taken me over a week to fill you in on the drama that is my life. But a lot has happened in a week, and I guess it’s been hard for me to process. Yes, the blog had always been a way for me to think everything through, but this past week has made me question quite a lot of my life-decisions, so before writing I needed to decide what it was all about. You know. Life, the universe, and everything.

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The drive

About to get in a car and drive from Dundee to Kingston (7-8 hours) with two other adults and two small children. Only one of the adults is the parent to the kids, and she’s knackered and plans on sleeping the whole way. As I don’t drive, I have a feeling I may become the car-nanny. This should be fun. (Insert sarcasm here.)

But, second friend getting hitched in only a few months. Should be fun. (No sarcasm as I am very much looking forward to the next few days.)

Here’s to being a grown-up. (Take that one as you wish.)

I thought I could blog

Thought I could blog about this. For once, I can’t type. I can’t speak.

The meeting I didn’t expect

It is cold. Like fucking freezing. Why didn’t I take that job with Betsy in Italy? Oh my god, why do I live in Scotland?

Right, besides me freezing my arse off, quite a lot has happened since yesterday.

I had my meeting with Dickie and RobotPA yesterday. It was these really spanky offices in the city centre that I didn’t even know existed. They looked out across the Tay and were quite plush. The name on the door was not one that I recognised, and when I arrived I shyly asked the Receptionist what kind of business it was. She said something about oil and gas law and finance. I had no idea. I then asked what Dickie’s role in the company was, and to be honest, it sounds made up. Like Chief Controller of Multiflorous Data and Systematic Pilcrows. Okay, it clearly wasn’t that, but it was Chief something I’ve never heard of. Continue reading