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The penultimate post

Sorry, had to run again. Blogging while traveling makes it difficult to be consistent with the timing of my posts.

So, going backwards.

I guess it’s time to fill you in on HarryPotter.

God this hurts to write about, but I shouldn’t put it off any longer. I’m not writing this to work through things, or to use my posts as pseudo-therapy. I’m writing it because I feel obligated to fill everyone in on what’s happened. This will be one of my last posts ever, and I can’t end it without an explanation. Continue reading

The meeting I didn’t expect

It is cold. Like fucking freezing. Why didn’t I take that job with Betsy in Italy? Oh my god, why do I live in Scotland?

Right, besides me freezing my arse off, quite a lot has happened since yesterday.

I had my meeting with Dickie and RobotPA yesterday. It was these really spanky offices in the city centre that I didn’t even know existed. They looked out across the Tay and were quite plush. The name on the door was not one that I recognised, and when I arrived I shyly asked the Receptionist what kind of business it was. She said something about oil and gas law and finance. I had no idea. I then asked what Dickie’s role in the company was, and to be honest, it sounds made up. Like Chief Controller of Multiflorous Data and Systematic Pilcrows. Okay, it clearly wasn’t that, but it was Chief something I’ve never heard of. Continue reading

Keeping my mind off work

Came into work and immediately received a phone call. It was RobotPA, she was asking if I could meet her and Dickie at 3pm at an office in the city centre. I’m quite nervous. She didn’t explain who Dickie was, just expected me to know. Did everyone but me know that Giles didn’t own the Agency? Yes, I know, I know. His name wasn’t on the sale. But I wasn’t in on the negotiations, so I wasn’t privy to what everyone else knew. Continue reading

Missed Opportunities

I had a lot to think about regarding London and Paris’ offer to come work with them, and where HP and my relationship is going. I mean we’ve been together officially for over two years, on and off for longer than that, and we own a house together. In today’s society, a mortgage is far more binding than a marriage. Continue reading

I hate life decisions

Head is swimming. Had such a good night last night.

Was the Intern’s last day at work, so I took her out for what was supposed to be a pint. It turned into several bottles.

Everyone in the office and Giles was invited, but happily only Newby joined us. We were talking about the Intern’s up coming job, and I mentioned that she should meet Lorainne. Hoping for the best, I texted Lorainne to see if she’s join us. She had only been back in town a few days, and was looking forward to getting out of the house already. Continue reading

Two nights, one step forward, and maybe one step back

Okay, I promised I was going to finish my St Andrews story, but I’m going to work backwards instead, and start with tonight.

I got a text from HP just before five asking me if I wanted a ride home from work. Not only was I in a complete shock because I’m not sure what’s going on in the relationship, but he didn’t even offer me a ride home when I was positive of our relationship. In fact, the amount of times he’s offered to drive me places has reduced significantly since he moved to Dundee. I can’t help but wonder if there is a correlation. Continue reading

Impromptu plans

Spent last night with Katie watching bad films, that weren’t supposed to be bad but just were. For example: ‘Sharknado’ is supposed to be bad, ‘Hansel and Gretel’ is not supposed to be bad, it just is.

HP came home quite late and went straight to bed without saying a word, so I was quite surprised when, this morning when we crossed paths in the kitchen, he asked me what I was getting up to today.

For some reason I said, ‘Going to St Andrews for St Andrews Day.’ I have no idea why I said that as I had absolutely no plans to go to St Andrews and the thought hadn’t even occurred to me until it came out my mouth. Continue reading

Being upbeat is exhausting

HP got home last night around midnight, and I was still up and determined to show him that I was a new person.

He’s sorted the spare room, so he’s staying in there now, but he’d come in and went into the lounge to watch television. I had been wearing my old joggy bottoms and a giant jumper, so I threw on a pair of jeans and a nice top, ran a comb through my hair and jumped through some perfume mist. The then sashayed into the lounge with a smile on my face. Continue reading

Waiting to be positive

After spending the day working through things internally, I have decided that I need to show HP that things can be like they used to. That we can have a great time together, no drama, no complaints. Just silly chats, funny voices and positivity. Continue reading

Evidently I’m a horrible person

The alarm on my phone went off far too early this morning. I wasn’t in a rush to get to Dundee, but I couldn’t stay in Glasgow. As I flapped about Roger’s lounge, he came in and handed me a cup of tea. He then sat on the sofa and asked, ‘You know HP. He never says anything. What happened between you two?’

‘He slept with Candy and somehow decided to be mad at me about it,’ I said. Continue reading